Three Tips for Buying a Condo in Singapore

Singapore is a vibrant and successful city which offers an enticing mix of career opportunities, a healthy environment and a thriving cultural life. These factors make Singapore a highly desirable place to live, but with desirability comes a high cost of living. Singapore is one of the most expensive cities in the world.

As one would expect, property in Singapore is also expensive, so it is important to find a home that offers a wide range of benefits as well as being affordable. To help you find the perfect condo, we have three things to consider when looking for your next home.

Good Facilities

It is very important that the design of a condo meets the needs of your family. While space is at a premium, it should engender a feeling of light and harmony that creates a relaxing and peaceful environment to allow your family to thrive. There should be sufficient storage to reduce the everyday clutter that families inevitably accumulate and good kitchen and bathroom facilities for the number of occupants.

Whilst the living space is important, the facilities offered by the condo development are also important to promote a healthy life work balance and facilitate a variety of leisure pursuits. For example, the Grand Dunman condo development provides a desirable range of facilities such as luxurious pools, tennis courts and a modern gymnasium to help you keep fit and healthy. There are also large outdoor social and recreational spaces to promote a sense of community and participation.

It is the balance between internal design and communal social and leisure facilities that creates a desirable condo development allowing a busy family to make the most of leisure time and enjoy living in their home.

Good Neighbourhood

Although finding a well designed condo complex that offers many of the facilities mentioned above will bring benefits to your family, it is important that it is situated in a good neighbourhood.

It is the mix of excellent business opportunities, a high standard of education and vibrant cultural and leisure facilities that makes Singapore such a great place to live. To benefit from these wonderful opportunities, however, it is important that a condo development is positioned as conveniently close to these amenities as possible.

There are many things to consider when looking at the neighbourhood. For example, are shopping centres within easy reach? Are good schools close at hand, and ,should the need arise, are good medical facilities within easy reach? Singapore has an excellent reputation for the quality of its educational and medical services, so ensure that your condo is well positioned to allow your family to benefit from these facilities in a safe and conducive environment.

Access to Transport links

This brings us to another important factor to consider when looking for a condo. With all the benefits that Singapore offers its residents, its important that these are within easy reach from home. Easy access from your condo complex to good transport links is vital.

With its network of rail, bus and road links, Singapore is blessed with an excellent transport system and many new condo developments will be situated close to rail stations, often within walking distance of circle line MRT stations for easy access to the city centre.

When looking to buy a condo, it’s access to good transport links will be a big factor in it’s purchase cost, but the ease of the daily commute to and from work, the access to varied cultural and recreational facilities and good educational and medical facilities will bring significant lifestyle benefits. These factors will also contribute towards the purchase of a well positioned and comfortable condo becoming a good investment in the future as a desirable home in a desirable city will be highly sought after.

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