Three Great Gadget Ideas

Your partner’s birthday is fast approaching but they haven’t said what they want. No list, not even any subtle hints, and nothing comes to mind from past conversations.

If this sounds familiar, we have some great gadget ideas that are bound to appeal to your partner. These gift ideas will add a touch of style as well as being useful. Better still, they are not expensive and are bound to please.

A stylish phone case

Although there is a huge array of phone cases on the market, many are designed for protection rather than style. This makes sense as research has found that Brits spend an estimated £680 million per year fixing damaged screens on their smartphones.

Some protective brands claim that their cases will protect a phone from a two metre drop whereas a few others are so confident of the protective abilities of their cases that they will replace your phone if it is damaged while using their case (be careful to read the small print though).

Whilst enclosing a smartphone in a protective case is clearly a good idea, most of these case don’t look great – definitely an example of function over form.

Luckily, if style and individualism is important to your partner, some manufacturers can supply colorful phone cases that use original modern art designs, or even photos, to create attractive case designs that stand out from the crowd. Whilst they may not have the ultra-protective qualities of the specialist cases, they do offer some protection abilities. Form and function meet in the middle!

A stylish insulated container

The days of the thermos flask are long gone, or at least they should be as these outdated drinks containers look horribly antiquated, are very fragile as they often contain glass for their insulation, and actually don’t keep your drink very hot for long either.

Two insulated bottles

If you find a thermos flask in your partner’s belongings then it is time to update it with the modern designs that use the latest insulation materials to not only keep hot drinks hot for a surprisingly long time, but also to keep cold drinks cold too.

I don’t think a thermos flask was ever designed to keep chilled fluids cold as they mostly contained over-brewed tea or evilly strong coffee. These modern insulated containers, as you can find at at are particularly useful for keeping chilled drinks cold for post exercise sessions, or even to keep chilled wine nice and cold while you chat to your friends, or partner.

Gifts like this are not expensive, but will be appreciated by your partner, particularly if they like to drink “on the go”.

How about a portable power pack?

If you are struggling to think of a suitable gift, it is likely that this is because your partner already has loads of gadgets amd mobile devices. Maybe they have a fitness tracker watch, they will certainly have a smartphone and are very likely to have some sort of tablet such as an iPad.

The problem for your partner is that these devices all demand power. After all, an Apple watch series 5 seems to have battery problems and the battery life doesn’t last much more than 24 hours without requiring to be charged, depending how you use it.

A mobile device battery pack

If they are on the go, then they will need to charge these various gadgets and may not have access to suitable power points. This is where a portable power pack comes in handy. You charge them before leaving home and when your device needs to be charged, you merely connect it to the power pack via the standard USB lead and the pack then charges your device for you. Some of the better ones can hold a surprising amunt of electrical charge, without being large and ugly.

They are ideal for carrying around in a small back pack and make a great gift to give freedom to your gadget mad partner.


So we have suggested three gadgets that are stylish, useful and are not too expensive. Depending on your finances, you probably want one of these to be part of your present for your partner, however you can derive satisfaction that you are helping your partner look just that bit more stylish, as well as adding to their list of gadgets.

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