Thorntons chocolates – fantastic offers, win a festive bouquet

Thorntons chocolates are offering the chance to win 1 of 10 festive bouquets – for today only! Open the Thorntons Advent Calendar….

Thorntons ChocolatesYes, that’s a chance to win 1 of 10 festive bouquets,  just for today, 7 Dec 09. It’s the 7th day of the Thorntons Advent Calendar.

From all year round classics to festive favourites, you can really get some great chocolates at Thorntons! What great Christmas gifts.

Today, Use this link and open the Advent Calendar, Day 7.

There’s a fantastic Christmas Emporium to have a look at – great ‘Book of Wishes’ for you to enter your Christmas wish as well as the opportunity to enter into the Prize Draw to win an ‘I Love Chocolate Hamper. There’s also an addictive Bauble memory game!

Just use this link to the Thorntons website and you’ll see all the Christmas goodies.

Meantime, don’t forget that there’s a huge range of other offers available for you this Christmas at Thorntons, ranging from 3 for 2 offers, to half price christmas selections.

See more details on the Thorntons website.

By the way have you ever thought about chocolate tasting?

Chocolate tasting is rather like wine tasting – there’s a real art in properly savouring the varied varieties and textures of quality chocolates.

Firstly, be sure to keep your chocolates at the best temperature, this is room temperature, around 18-20ºC – don’t keep them in the fridge (which to be honest is what I did until I read about this!)

If you have a range of white, milk and dark chocolates, start your chocolate tasting with the white chocolate, move onto the milk and finish with the dark chocolate.

In between chocolates you can cleanse your palate with some water or maybe some lime juice.

Use your taste sense when chocolate tasting, but so too use your eyes and your smell. So

Look at the chocolate – if it’s solid, without a filling, the surface should be smooth and glossy. It should feel firm and make a satisfying snap when you break off a chunk.

Smell the chocolate – savour the aroma. Pick up the smell of the different types of cocoa bean which could be sweet, spicy, fruity, flowery, grassy, nutty or perhaps woody. You could even get a scent of what’s inside if it’s a filled chocolate.

Taste the chocolate – place a piece on your tongue and let it linger for a few seconds so you get an immediate hit of the flavour. Let it start to melt and then start to chew, slowly, releasing the full depth of flavour and aroma… how lovely is that?

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