What Workers Want: 5 Things Business Owners Should Offer to Retain Top Talent

Staff retention is a common problem business owners encounter. When they can’t offer what their employees want, those employees simply find business owners who can.

However, retaining top talent can be crucial for a company’s success, which is why it is essential to identify why workers are leaving and see if they can overcome their failings. If you’ve found yourself in this position and want to improve your staff retention rates, consider offering your employees the following things.

Inclusivity and Diversity

According to a Glassdoor survey, 76% of job seekers said diversity in the workplace was something they found important when looking for jobs. Diversity allows employers and employees to enjoy a wide range of benefits, such as different perspectives, increased employee engagement, better decision-making processes, and reduced employee turnover.

If you don’t believe your workplace is as diverse as it could be, you have the power to make a change. Undergo diversity training, offer mentorships, and celebrate your employees’ differences. You should then find employees are less likely to look for opportunities elsewhere.

Remote Work Opportunities

While the COVID-19 pandemic might have made remote work a necessity, studies find that most employees now work from home out of preference. Staff members who have the opportunity to work from home can enjoy a better work-life balance while providing their employers with increased productivity.

If your business can offer remote work opportunities but chooses not to, now might be the right time to make a change. Otherwise, employees wishing to work from home will seek job opportunities with businesses willing to offer what you won’t.

Ongoing Education and Advancement Opportunities

Very few people like to stagnate in their careers. When every day is the same, and you have no opportunities for growth or advancement, it’s easy to feel dissatisfied and start exploring jobs elsewhere.

You stand a better chance of retaining your top talent by providing training and opportunities for advancement. When people are given a chance to improve themselves and enhance their skills, they are more likely to stay with the company that has gone the extra mile to invest in them.

Employers also benefit from their investment through increased productivity, attracting new talent, and bolstering their bottom line.

Competitive Compensation

Gone are the days when a paycheck was enough to retain staff. Now, you have to offer more than the bare basics to ensure you can keep the best-performing workers. Don’t underestimate the value of health insurance, retirement funds, bonuses, and equity packages, to name a few.


Communication is essential in every aspect of life, including your work life. When employees don’t feel like their management team communicates effectively, it’s easy for them to feel like they’re not valued.

In contrast, excellent communication ensures employees have all the information they need to perform their job to a high standard. It also assists with building a happy and healthy work environment and eliminating any efficiencies. So start working on your communication from the top down; you might be surprised at how employee attitudes change.

Retaining top talent is not always easy when your employees’ skills and talents are in hot demand. However, you should have no trouble building and keeping a strong team if you provide them with everything they need to do their job to a high standard. Offer the above benefits, and you’ll enjoy a much higher staff retention rate than you thought possible.

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