The Pros and Cons of Electric Vehicles

Electric cars have greatly evolved over the years, especially when it comes to charging times and range. This is why more people are considering buying an electric vehicle these days. With that being said, electric cars still have some limitations, which means they’re not the best option for all drivers. There are also differences in the driving experience between the two and you have to see if an electric vehicle makes sense for you based on where you live. Below we look at some of the pros and cons of electric vehicles.

Pro – Lower Running Costs

Electric vehicles are gentler on the owner’s pockets when you look at overall costs. First of all, you won’t have to spend money on petrol, which is getting ridiculously expensive and even scarce at the moment. You also won’t have to deal with things like oil changes, for instance. Electric cars have much fewer moving parts and are less prone to breakdowns, so you won’t have to spend as much on repairs either.

It’s estimated that charging a vehicle at home for a year could cost you as little as £500 for a small city car to £840 for an SUV if you drive less than 9,000 miles per year. These are huge savings that you could make and will quickly cover for the slightly higher price tag on electric vehicles.

Con – Expensive Repairs and Vehicles

While electric cars cost less to run over time, they still tend to be slightly more expensive than petrol-fuelled vehicles. Repairs on these vehicles are also more expensive on average, even though they break down less often. This is caused by many factors. For one, parts on these cars are a bit more expensive and can sometimes be hard to find. There are also fewer mechanics who can work on them. This means that those who can, will charge more for their service because of scarcity.

This is why you shouldn’t only look at how many charging stations there are around where you live. You should look at how many mechanics service electric vehicles as well as this will make a huge difference in your maintenance costs and convenience.

Con – Not for All Drivers

You have to look at your driving style and habits before you get an electric vehicle. How much distance do you travel every day? If you have to drive a lot for business or your job, having to stop your day to charge your vehicle can get inconvenient. If you live in the country, then there are probably very few charging stations, which makes electric cars not the best option either.

Electric cars are also not the best for people who love to routinely go on long trips with their family. While there are more and more charging stations along roads in the country, it can still be stressful to not go where the next one will be or be limited in your destination choice because of your vehicle. Having a large cargo and more passengers also affects the car’s range.

An electric vehicle isn’t for everyone, and we would suggest that you complete the linked survey by ElectriX before you make a decision. They will ask you specific questions about who you are as a driver and what you are looking for in a vehicle. The quiz can be completed in a few minutes and it will tell you exactly whether you should opt for an electric vehicle or not.

Pro – Lower Carbon Emissions

Some people buy electric vehicles out of personal conviction, and you’ll be doing the planet a huge service by making the switch to electric. The only times an electric car will be contributing to carbon emission is when you scrap them or when it’s being charged. And, if the energy comes from renewable sources, which will become more common in the future, your car’s carbon footprint will be close to zero.

Pro – The Driving Experience

Electric vehicles provide a very unique driving experience and one that many people appreciate. Electric vehicles are extremely silent, which is great if you enjoy a smooth ride. If you still like to hear the humming sound of a regular engine, some vehicles will have features that mimic the sound of an engine and play it through your sound system.

Another thing that you might be pleasantly surprised about with electric vehicles is how fast they can accelerate. The fastest accelerating production car on the planet right now is an electric one and no combustion model comes close. So, if you thought that you’d get lesser performance from an electric vehicle, think again.

Now that you know some of the benefits and disadvantages of electric vehicles, you’ll be able to make a better decision. Don’t hesitate to look at both options and ask as many questions about them before you make your choice.

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