The Importance of Mobile App Development for Business

The world simply calls for mobile apps and better ones. They are no longer a thing of the past. Today, not just every individual but also several businesses are considering riding the current wave of the mobile market. Whether you want to shop, binge-watch, book flights/hotels/resorts, or order lip-smacking dishes, a mobile app is all you need. The dominance of the mobile app market seems to be increasing day by day and the future seems to be pretty bright and rosy.

This article focuses on the significance of mobile app development and why businesses irrespective of their sizes and industry verticals must consider conducting benefits of mobile app development to enhance and grow their business venture.

Can you name one of the most ubiquitous technologies that we thoroughly rely on or in other words the tech seems to have become one of the basic necessities if you want to survive in today’s life? I am talking about none other than mobile app technology. Today smartphones and smartphone apps are becoming an absolute necessity. Smartphones are now being used by a gobsmacking half of the world’s population. Right from the exchange of relevant information to staying connected with your loved ones, friends and acquaintances, a well-designed mobile app is worth having.

  • Nobody would have imagined that the app downloads will reach 258 Billion last year and it’s more than a 40% increase since 2017.
  • After watching such trends it has been assumed that in future, businesses will be found to generate way more ROI than customers can spend.
  • As you can see by 2025, the number of mobile users will be 7.49 billion. How can you miss “the big Catch”

I am pretty sure after going through these insights, you have started thinking about hiring a relevant mobile app development company that has taken a stronghold over its years of work in the realm. However, before you begin looking for experts worldwide, down below I would like to mention certain aspects stating why Mobile App Development must be considered for your Business right away!

Importance of Mobile App Development

Today tech-savvy users are found looking around for quick, easy ways to do everything from banking to shopping right from their phones. Now having a mobile app not just assists individuals but also several businesses in staying relevant, enhancing their virtues and surviving for the long haul. Many times, mobile apps do tend to offer a severe competitive edge that you might have never given a thought to earlier.

Down below I would like to emphasise on certain basic yet pivotal reasons for developing a mobile app for your business.

Enhanced Customer Relationships

In the present times, being relevant is extremely important and that’s only possible when you start placing your feet in the shoes of your customer. What exactly do they want? An easy accessibility to your business via their go-to devices. In fact, stats reveal that today more and more consumers are found saving ample amounts of time by shopping via their smartphones. And most of them consider using a mobile app instead of a website.

Gone are the days when customers were ready to wait for the site to load. Today most of them are impatient and have short attention spans, a site not being loaded within 3 secs compels them to switch to your competitors. With a touch of a button they land up on their favourite app. In fact, if you see it from a business perspective, a mobile app can be considered as a tool to increase engagement with your customers.

For example, Starbucks comprises a Starbucks reward program that successfully attracts and retains all the lost customers. So yes, a mobile app not just strengthens customer relationships but also keeps them attached to your business for the long haul.

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Another interesting reason to consider a mobile app for your business is to increase productivity. It doesn’t matter what field or industry you have commenced your business in, mobile app development is one such technology that it footholds in one way or the other in the least amount of time possible. In fact, workplace apps have been pretty much a staple solution for businesses that are looking for different ways to enhance their productivity.


Trello, and Basecamp, these are all task management systems that assist really well in regards to streamlining the workflow and management. Here you get the best of both the words, a to-do list as well as a tracking tool. The cloud-based platform allows your employees to work seamlessly by collaborating and uploading documents directly to each task. So that everyone can keep their tabs on it and also, it seems pretty well-organised.

Not to mention, Trello comprises an intuitive interface which is quite easy to use.


The next workplace app that assists well in enhancing productivity is Evernote. Whether you want to track relevant conversations or jot down important ideas for a project. Evernote is the best app to take into consideration. Again this one is pretty simple to use and has the potential to become quite an integrated part of any office workplace.

In fact, do you think Evernote is just to jot down relevant points? Of course, not! This one comprises pretty amazing multimedia capabilities. Notes can comprise different pictures, videos, checklists, and so forth. You can use this tool as an individual or as for business purposes.


Another app is Slack. This is one such workplace app that turns out to be an incredible messaging app in comparison to other alternatives. After the inception of Slack, emails seem to have taken a bit of a back seat. Not to mention Slack offers way more integrations than in comparison to any other messaging platform. Now you must be wondering, how Slack enables businesses to maximise their productivity.

Well, here you will find a wide range of options such as Sharing files, tagging collaborators, and creating checklists, within a specific channel. In addition, the platform is highly customizable and has the potential to integrate virtually.

Excellent Engaging and Marketing Tools

Another reason for considering a mobile app for your business is that it acts as an incredibly engaging and marketing tool. Some of the best examples to consider here are Localytics, Google AdMob, AppsFlyer, Firebase, Mixpanel, and so forth. As mentioned above, mobile apps turn out to be pretty effective when it comes to communicating or getting instantly engaged with the end users.

In fact, it has been observed that several companies are trending towards branded apps to enhance conversion and ensure to offer a great user experience to their end users. Now, what exactly is mobile app branding or marketing? Well, in simple words it’s how the users will see and feel while interacting with the app. How to create an ideal mobile marketing app? Simple, it has to be par excellence in regards to communication, CRM, marketing search, sales and more.

A mobile marketing app can either be a tool or a game or a social instrument, used to increase sales, design, etc. In addition to this, try branding it with your colours and logos and even taglines. Visuals, images, and colours are ways to increase the memory of your brand in the minds of your end customers.

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Who says that app development must always turn out to be a costly venture or it must cost an arm or a leg? The world is brimmed with apps, innovative and unique ones day in and day out! And no matter how many of them are developed, an ideal one or a preferable one will always be considered the basic building block of the digital realm and yes, an inalienable part of our modern lives.

Most of the time app development can be pretty expensive but there are ways to cut down on unnecessary costs. For example, think about what is the sole purpose. Do you want to build an app for either Android or iOS or both platforms? If not, then it is worth considering a single platform at present. Apart from the platform, several other factors must be taken into consideration to slack down the overall cost of mobile app development projects.

  • What is its sole purpose?
  • Any specific features and functionalities to consider
  • What are the security requirements?
  • Compliance requirements (such as HIPAA)
  • eCommerce or payment processing
  • Analytics
  • Support and Maintenance
  • How long will it take for the development to take place?

Now there are certain ways through which you can certainly cut down the mobile app development costs such as outsourcing your app development from countries such as Vietnam, India, China, the Philippines and so on. Know what exactly do you need in regards to Functional services, administrative services, infrastructure services, IT support services, etc. Find a reliable mobile app development company regarding the estimation of the project.

Stand out from the Competition

Today it’s not easy to develop an app and generate million and trillion dollars from it. Today, the mobile app is not what it used to be half a decade ago – doing just for the sake of it. Today you have to come up with different ways to make your app stand out from the competition.

Though it’s a million-dollar idea, it doesn’t mean you are going to succeed. You need to up your game! How?

  • Get more users for reviews
  • Make the most of Keywords
  • Make the icon right
  • Make it free
  • Advertise well

Final Thoughts

I hope the following post proves to be quite informative and offers helpful insights. Having said that, apps nowadays have become a significant tool, if you want to survive in the cut-throat competitive world. I am sure you must have understood the importance of mobile app development for business. In case, if you have any doubts or queries, feel free to mention that in the comment section below.

I hope you did enjoy reading the post, if so please do share among your peers and help us in spreading the word. Lastly, what are you waiting for? Time for developing one and reap its benefits.

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