The easiest way to switch energy supplier

Amidst the lingering recession, many are seeking to save money and here we take a look at how a switch of energy supplier can help to keep your budget in check and look at the easiest way to do it.

Switch Energy SupplierThe easiest way to switch energy supplier is to use a comparison site. and are two such sites, both well known brand names and both offer a very good, easy to use service.

You’ll get information on what energy suppliers are offering and be able to choose what best suits your needs.

There is much competition amongst the ‘Big 6’ energy suppliers, along with new entrants such as Ovo Energy and First Utility, to get new business. New energy plans and special deals are often available and it pays to check across a number of suppliers to see where you can get the best deal for your specific needs.

Visit the or website and you’ll see how easy it is to compare energy supplier offers and critically be able to see how much money you can save.

One point to note, if you are worried that your power supply will be cut off when you switch energy supplier, there is absolutely no need to be. Your pipelines and electrical wiring will not need to be modified. All you are doing is changing the energy supplier that supplies your energy needs and who sends you your monthly utilities bill.

To clarify things and show just how easy it is to switch energy supplier, here’s the switching process as promoted by

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  1. Visit, select utlities and select ‘Quote me Gas & Electricity’ and then choose whether you want just gas, just electricity or dual fuel
  2. You’ll be asked about your location, current supplier, your current electricity/gas usage and how it’s paid, your current tariff and your email address
  3. You’ll get a series of energy quotes from energy suppliers in your region
  4. After you confirm you want to proceed with the energy switch, will send you an email to finalise your choice of new energy supplier. You’ll also be given the new energy supplier’s contact information
  5. A contingency period follows just in case you might still change your mind.

What happens if you decide to switch energy?

The transfer process is relatively easy. Having got your energy quote, if you don’t need any changes, the new energy supplier will communicate with you in a week or two via phone.

Once everything is settled, the new supplier will confirm your payment method. And then you will be advised when they will start their service. They will also notify you if you need to send a meter reading.

Are there any restrictions on switching energy suppliers?

Quite simply, no. Your old rnergy supplier can’ force you to stay with them. The only thing that can hold you back from switching is when you have unpaid bills . You need to clear such bills before any transfer can happen.

What happens after the transfer?
Usually, it takes about a month for your old supplier to send your final bill. Once you get this make sure it is correct and matches with your usage.

In about 13 weeks, you will receive your first bill from your new energy supplier. The it takes for this first bill varies as it is dependent on the date you signed up with the new company.

So the process is so easy and you really can benefit from cheaper energy bills if you do decide to switch energy supplier.

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