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Tennis remains one of the most intense and therefore changeable sports around. It’s not unheard of to witness a favourite of any given match crash out as a result of ‘bottling it’ at the last minute. Tennis betting online has grown to such an extent that simply placing money on outright wins can now be considered fairly basic!

Take a look at some of the more precise markets and opportunities out there to really maximise your chances of getting a decent return. However, as with all sports, knowledge of form and a certain amount about the game will take you a long way indeed. Seasoned punters will likely have spent considerable time honing their expertise and craft to work out how to best control their cash – never place bets you’re simply not confident with.

Once you’ve come to know the game and its players a little better over time, there are more than a few big markets opening up to punters of all experiences and creeds.

Bet on Tennis Matches

Choosing to bet on tennis matches is only the beginning. Straightforward tennis match bets merely revolve around you picking the winner for any given set-up. This is a nice easy market for newbie betters to take advantage of, and one of the more widely available opportunities open through tennis betting online. Before you dive any deeper into tennis markets and precision bets, it’s well worth playing around with match outrights to see how you fare.

If you find the experience lacking a little something, then it’s well worth jumping into some of the more enticing prop bets out there. This guide is here to offer you something of a launch pad moving forwards.

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Outright Tennis Bets

Outright tennis bets are some of the most popular markets around, though they are widely undertaken in advance. Here’s some of what you can bet on and do with an outright market:

  • Choose the outright winner of a championship or tournament – such as Wimbledon or the French Open.
  • Place an each-way bet on who you think will finish as runner-up in a tournament – from men’s and women’s singles to mixed doubles.
  • The drawback of outright betting to some extent is that you won’t be able to get your hands on prize money for some time – though it is a nice little earner to come back to if you’re busy making prop bets along the way.

Live Tennis Betting

Live tennis betting is amazingly popular for a number of reasons. For one, the game is super-sensitive to change and can therefore be wide open to upsets and big moments which otherwise go against bookmaker predictions. Markets which open on a live or in-play basis will enable you to take direct advantage of changes and alterations from game to game, meaning it’s a great way to open up your betting slip if you notice things start to go against the grain.

There are big upsets and unexpected changes in each and every major tennis tournament year on year – it’s just a matter of spotting them. Most bookmakers offering tennis betting online will give you the opportunity to bet as matches are underway, as they too can gain greater control over evolving odds.

Tennis Handicap Betting

Tennis handicap betting, or spread betting, helps to open things up a little more from side to side. If an underdog in a match has extensive odds and little chance of winning outright, a bookmaker may apply a handicap to the favourite to even things out. This may mean that, for example, a favourite will need to win by a certain number of sets in order for any bets on them to pay out. This not only helps to keep things interesting and to potentially boost revenue for betters, it also helps to protect bookmaker interests. It’s therefore not uncommon to see handicap betting offered online and on the high street.

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Tennis Betting Strategy

Your tennis betting strategy is all your own. While seasoned betters will advise you to look at form and history of certain big names for your best chance of winning big on a regular basis, it is just as profitable to slide into live betting to take advantage of precise markets with laser accuracy.

There is no one perfect way to take on tennis betting online – do make sure you understand a little bit more than the basics of the sport before you put too much money on, of course, and getting to know some of the bigger names involved can never hurt. Otherwise, you’re only ever going to end up wasting money on a regular basis!

Correct Score Betting in Tennis

Correct score betting could open up the following opportunities for you:

  • You can predict how well certain players are going to do in certain matches by choosing the exact score you think will come to pass.
  • You can also predict how much you think will be scored in each set – allowing you to be even more precise.
  • However, do be aware that this level of betting can come with risks – it may be worth keeping your eyes out for under/over markets where you can predict upon what a bookmaker believes will come to pass.
  • However, if you are confident in your punting ability, these markets can be very lucrative indeed.

Set Winners

Set winners, simply put, are 50/50 bets which allow you to choose who you think will win each set. These bets are seen as fairly safe, though they do get interesting during live bets and in-play. Only maverick punters go for set winner bets ahead of time!

Tennis in Play Betting

Tennis in play betting is available now to all comers. Take a look at the bookmakers and betting platforms available and find yourself a comfortable and varied sportsbook to undertake tennis betting online – but if you’re new to the sport, don’t be afraid to take things one step at a time and to do some serious form homework first!

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