Ten Ways to Earn Extra Money and Keep Your Job

We could all do with a few extra pounds to boost our bank account each month, and with a bit of skill and organisation there are numerous routes to achieve this – often with little work involved. Here are ten of the best.

Top Ways to Earn Extra Money


Tread carefully with putting your skills out into the general market; writing or working for a competitor of your main role will almost guarantee punishment. However, marketing your completely unrelated talents – teaching additional languages or music, craft skills – should not be too much of an issue, and can be easily achieved through social media.


A hobby which takes time and skill to learn, but could net you cash, holidays, cars, gadgets and many other prizes. Essentially, comping is a way of systematically finding and entering competitions at high-speed, using gadgets that can even answer tie-break questions. Someone’s got to win these prizes – why not you?

Sorting out finances

A recent investigation from the Competition and Markets Authority reported in The Metro discovered that customers could save an average of £70 by simply swapping bank accounts to versions that boast lower fees for those going into their overdrafts.

Premium Bonds

You can invest anywhere from £100 to £50,000 in Premium Bonds from National Savings and Investments, which don’t pay interest but do provide security for your money. Each bond is also included in a monthly prize draw which could see you win a cash prize. Find out more from this great premium bonds resource.

Paid for surveys/web research

If you’re willing to take time to give your views on your mobile phone network, your favourite crisps, favoured holiday destinations and popular culture, then sitting and answering a few simple survey questions could bag you between £100-200 a year.

Renting out parking space

An easy money winner if you’ve got a space near a public service, leisure facility or well-used area. For example, railway stations regularly charge £10 for a day’s stay – just halving that will make you £25 for a working week. Other good spots include spaces near to football grounds, shopping areas, and airports.

Renting out other space

Got a free loft, garage or shed? Websites such as Storemates allow you to rent out these unneeded spaces, and the best part is that you can charge what you wish. There’s no charge for joining up but a percentage-based fee for any matches.

Renting out your home as a film location

It seems improbable, but your home could be the perfect slot for a film shoot. Depending on the size, shape and desirability of your home you could earn up to several hundred pounds a day, although the agency will take a commission.

Selling unwanted items

Online auctions, car boot sales, and sales sites such as MusicMagpie and GameXchange are all viable options for creating space in the home while making money. Take a good quality picture for any auction sites, do your research online into pricing – you don’t want to give away anything really valuable – and get posting.

Matched gambling

Gambling? The mug’s way to lose money surely? Well, do your research on this technique and don’t take it on if you’re unsure. The system works by taking advantage of free bets offered by bookmakers eager to get people to sign up. Find out more here – but tread carefully.

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