Tarot Reading: Altering Destiny In Your Favor

Tarot reading is one of the ancient forms of divination that is highly in use today. This amazing science can let you have a glimpse into your future and can help direct your path during turbulent times. Tarots contain Egyptian semiotics and symbolism, to help the reader understand and analyze your future.

Why Would You Need A Reading?

This western traditional mystery can access the lesser understood corners of the human mind and soul and helps provide meanings to deep instincts and feelings which may be difficult to jot down. A reader can extract such information and supply them to the conscious mind to create a higher sense of self-awareness. Tarot cards can hold the key to your mind and soul, to help you change your perspective and have a better control of your fate and destiny.

Living in a world with constant changes and a lingering sense of uncertainty can leave you feeling helpless and handicapped. What if there was a way to eliminate the uncertainty? Getting a tarot reading from a reputed reader can do just that. Be it regarding matters of the heart, finances or simply the vague future, tarots may be the key.

What Is The Science Behind Tarot Cards?

Tarot cards are a tool of divination that may seem similar to a regular deck of playing cards. They are divided into the minor arcana which denote the trials and circumstances you may face on a day to day basis and the major arcana, which revolves around the karmic and spiritual essence of your life that affect major decisions.

A tarot card and a newspaper

They are a deck of 78 cards of which 56 belong in the minor arcana category and 22 belong to the major arcana. The minor arcana cards are split into four suits; namely, wands, cups, swords, and pentacles. Each of these cards along with the suit as well as the number holds a specific meaning and indication which a reader can decrypt.

The major arcana cards, which are the more significant signs during a reading are numbered from zero to twenty-one. Each of these cards carries a face which can denote a crucial point of your life or your fate. You can understand more with the help of this article from Psychic 2 Tarot.

The Reader And The Spread

Some believe that the reader is the one who holds the true power to open their spiritual eye with the help of tarots to glance into the future of the concerned person. While this may stand true, the cards can hold power as well. This is the reason why some reader’s refrain using another set of cards other than their own.

The seeker or the individual who has come to a reader with questions asks them and the reader meditates on it. After he or she concentrates, the cards are shuffled blindly and drawn at random. The arrangement of the selected cards is always in a pre-designated pattern. This is called a spread. A spread can be a simple three card layout or a complex Celtic cross one as well.

The manner in which the cards are laid out can influence the effectivity and intensity of the reading. In the three card layout, the first card laid represents your past, the second represents your present while the third is symbolic of your future. Usually, a reader tends to choose a preferred spread and uses it over the years to gain expertise in it.

How Can Tarot Alter The Future?

Among the practitioners of this mystic art, there is a belief regarding the concept of future. The future is believed to be a fluid entity in tarot reading. Every action committed in the past and present can lead to the future. Every decision made in the present, irrelevant of its gravity can alter your destiny.

Hence with the help of suggestions from the right tarot readers during the right phase of time, you can gain a better control of your immediate future by altering your actions in the present. This is the root concept of tarot reading. Opening doors for a brighter future with a million possibilities can truly alter your destiny.

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What Questions Can You Ask The Tarot Reader?

Understanding the concept of future to be vague, asking definite and defining questions can be pointless during a reading. Here are a few tips to know what to ask your reader for an effective and productive session.

  • Asking open-ended questions: Queries that begin with why, what and how, tend to be open-ended and hence allows an opportunity for a deeper search within yourself. These questions can be regarding any of the matters that are of concern to you such as finance or career situations.
  • Avoid questions that demand answers with certainty: Queries such as will and should remove the power of making decisions by yourself and hence should be avoided during a tarot reading.
  • General queries about the immediate and long-term future: Asking such kinds of questions can grant you a general idea about the path you are supposed to take and also provide general life directions. They can also tell you more about the energies that surround your life.
  • Guidance: It is essential to remember that the tarot reading is a session exclusively created to guide you. The questions should be phrased accordingly to gain help in such a manner.


Tarot reading is the ultimate way you can gain insight about yourself from a spiritual perspective. Often, the first step towards achieving success in life is to know what are your aims, goals, and priorities as success often holds a relative meaning depending on the person who seeks it. Gaining an insight through tarots can simply give you a head start when it comes to figuring out the complexities in your life.

Be it love, career growth or simply general welfare, knowing what you truly desire, is the key to true happiness. Finding it with the help of a true reader, and using the information to do what you are meant to do in life, can alter the course of your destiny itself and what not.

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