Switch energy supplier – how easy is it?

To switch energy supplier may seem a worrying thing to do but it really is easy and straightforward – and switching can really save you money.

Cheapest energy supplier

With online energy comparison sites, such as Confused.com or uSwitch, not only can you check for the

Critically, if you decide to switch be assured that there won’t be break in service as you move from one supplier to another.

There are no workmen needed to do the switch either – all the same pipes and wires will be used – it’s just who sends you the bill that will change.

To show how straightforward the switch is, here’s the process if you switch with Confused.com, although no doubt the process would be pretty similar if you used another switching provider.

Confirmation of switching energy supplier

After confirming you wish to switch, Confused will email you to confirm the new energy supplier you’ve chosen, along with basic information about them such as their contact details.

At this point you’ll also be advised about your cooling-off period – in case you want to change your mind.

Confused will then send your request onto your new energy supplier.

The new supplier will contact you in 7-14 days – usually by phone – just to make sure you want to switch, reminding you again of your cooling-off period.

Going through the transfer process

Assuming you are going ahead you will now go through the transfer process.

In the vast majority of cases you will not need to be contacted by the supplier during this time. Occasionally they will need to check something though and will make contact.

Welcome to your new energy supplier

Your energy supplier will enter you into their system and send you a welcome letter which will

  • confirm the energy supplier switch is going ahead
  • confirm your payment method – as you stated on your original switch request
  • advise the anticipated new energy supplier start date
  • advise you if you need to send a meter reading

Are you really sure you want to leave your old energy supplier? Can they stop you moving?

Whilst going through the transfer process you may get a call from your old supplier. They shouldn’t attempt to win back your custom as this would be against industry guidleline but they may still try.

If they do, this could be good for you but before making any commitment remember you can still check how this new tariff compares.

Close up of a gas burner on a stove

It’s worth knowing that the only reason your old energy supplier can object to you switching is if you have an unpaid bill that’s more than 28 days old.

Activity after the transfer

If all goes to plan, as it usually does, the transfer goes ahead and about 4 weeks later you’ll receive your final bill from your old supplier.

Check your final bill and meter reading tally to make sure you’ve not been overbilled.

If you’re going to pay your new supplier by Direct Debit you’ll get confirmation of what and when you’re going to pay.

You’ll receive your first bill from your new supplier – possibly in less than the usual 13 weeks depending on when you sign-up.

And that’s about it – apart from that is seeing just how much money you’ve saved by switching energy supplier!


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