Survival Guide for Travellers during the Pandemic

One of the most damaging effects of the pandemic was the travel restrictions that prevented millions of people around the world from travelling to destinations far from home. While a surprising number of people have suffered greatly from being unable to move around their own city, or even their own neighbourhood, the effect of travel restrictions has affected even more people: not only those who used to travel for work or family reasons, but also all those people who like to travel just for the sake of travelling, for their immoderate interest in exploring places and countries other than their own, even for no apparent reason.

For the past two years or so, some countries have even decided to close their borders to all foreigners, limiting international arrivals to only certain categories of travellers. Other countries have introduced compulsory quarantine, forcing all foreigners to spend a period of confinement in a hotel or private residence, without being allowed to leave, with occasional swabs to check the state of their health. But even in a situation like this, where the most elementary common sense would seem to discourage any travel, some people continue to want to move, travelling from country to country and facing all the obstacles related to Covid-19, trying to satisfy an inner urge that seems intimately linked to the need to travel, to explore, to see the world and its most hidden corners.

A compromise with yourself

Travel, in this sense, becomes a powerful weapon of redemption for many people, for all those who have suffered more than others from the imposition of lockdowns and all the other restrictions that have continued to clip the wings of travellers for the past year and a half due to Covid-19.

Before travelling, we strongly recommend that you check the entry requirements of your destination country to avoid any problems with visas or quarantines imposed by local authorities. By informing themselves well in advance, travellers can avoid most problems. To satisfy the desire of those who want to travel in 2022, we suggest a slight change of approach.

Before Covid-19, your favourite destinations were most likely outside your own continent, thousands of kilometres away, and it is perfectly natural that when you think of a trip, your thoughts go directly to those distant nations, separated by endless oceans. Almost certainly, in these complex and distressing times, those same destinations that you insistently think about are not reachable due to international restrictions caused by Covid-19, so you will surely have to find a solution, an alternative that allows you to travel even in these extremely complex times.

Limit your horizons, temporarily

Although it may seem paradoxical, especially to the mind of a regular traveller, the first piece of advice we would like to give to those who wish to travel is to temporarily narrow their horizons: we know very well that the traveller’s mentality is the end result of a long process that can sometimes last for years, but in such circumstances you must also be able to take advantage of your open-mindedness – so hard acquired – to take a step back, operating a sort of containment of your personal ambitions.

At this stage, if you want to travel, you need to concentrate on the destinations close to you, on the countries that border on yours, or in any case on all those nations within your continent, which will certainly be easier to reach than the others. It may not be your dream trip, but it is a trip nonetheless. And in this day and age, that’s something.

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