A Students’ Guide to Saving Money on Energy Bills

When you’re a student, every little helps when it comes to saving on energy bills. Luckily, there are lots of ways you can keep the overall cost of energy down – though of course your entire household need to get on board!

Here are a few top hints to get you on your way to a cheaper energy bill – so those pennies can go to other essentials.

Switch Suppliers

Using a service like uSwitch or Compare the Market, you can compare a whole variety of energy providers and their best deals. Using a service like this also often comes with added benefits and freebies – like 2 for 1 cinema tickets from compare the market!

Other bonuses can include cashback or vouchers, and you can even earn money by switching too.

It’s worth shopping around and making sure that you’re getting the best deal for your money. Be aware of any clauses requiring a fee if you have to leave the contract early. For added help when making the switch, read this Student Money Saver guide to knowing what questions to ask of a new supplier.

Don’t Stick to Fixed Tariffs

If you choose a fixed tariff for a set term and it’s coming to expiry, switch suppliers again! Chances are you’ll be moved onto a much more expensive tariff once the fixed tariff term is up – don’t get caught with a rollover to a new, higher price.

Take the opportunity to find a new deal using a comparison service, and keep benefitting from the extras that come from switching year on year. Also be aware about the energy price cap as this can affect tariffs, particularly variable ones.

Go Direct Debit

There’s often a saving that comes with paying via direct debit, and this can help save you a little extra off your bill. It’s worthwhile for that extra bonus each month, and can be easier than paying in large chunks anyway.

Only use Heating When you Need it

If you are able to control your heating, make use of it! If you can heat selective areas of the home, be sure to use this to its full advantage – only heat the areas of the home you are using at set times.

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Turn Down the Heat and Wear an Extra Layer

Even a degree of heat reduction equates to huge savings! It could mean 10% off your yearly bill – so it can be really worth it to just slip on an extra layer and cosy up under a blanket. A degree of difference is easy to adjust to and it’s a chance to use that onesie more often form the back of your cupboard…

Use Full Loads Only

Washers and dryers are most efficient when you’re using a full load, so avoid washing just a few things at a time. Two half loads use a lot more energy than one full load, so band together at home to keep those washing loads as efficient as possible.

Use Freebies

When at university, use electricity in free places (e.g. the library) to its full advantage! Charge up items that you need like laptops, phones and other devices, instead of charging them at home. This way you save on that home electricity bill. And while you’re at it, you can be helping out with those studies as well!

Buy Energy Efficient

Light bulbs, appliances and more – there are always energy-efficient options, and it can be worth it to look around and find the most energy efficient items for your home. These savings all add up, especially over a few years of use. Think carefully about how you’re going to keep saving over time and invest in products that will always save.

Waste Not!

Don’t waste – that means turning off lights in rooms you aren’t using, and only boiling enough water for the amount of tea you intend to drink! Think about the small ways where you can save, like disconnecting or turning off appliances that turn to standby if you aren’t using them.

Employing a few of these strategies is bound to add up over time. Make every penny count and save on the bill at the end of the month – your bank account will thank you for it!

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