6 Steps for a Successful Life Insurance Sales Presentation

Pitching your life insurance offer to a client can be a challenge. Most people don’t want to invest in it because they believe it’s too expensive and has other financial priorities. They also don’t know enough about coverage and their options, making them likely to get stuck in the shopping process.

As a life insurance agent, you must be able to provide your clients with insights to make them see the benefits of the product. To increase the chances of success of your sales presentation, consider following these six tips:

1. Learn About Your Client

Another way to increase your chances of success is to make sure you personalize the presentation based on your client’s needs. This means you must know what your client is looking for regarding coverage, affordability, and investment returns. Without these pieces of information, you’ll waste time with a client with needs that may not be compatible with your offer.

You can learn about your client’s situation and circumstances, including their age, marital status, education level, and employment status. You should also consider their medical history and their existing ailments so the life insurance you offer will be ideal for them.

2. Highlight The Selling Points Of Life Insurance

As you continue your sales presentation, you have to highlight the selling points of your life insurance policies. This means that you must ensure that your clients understand the value of what you’re trying to offer.

Focusing on how life insurance can help people live better is a good idea. You should also include how this product can help clients secure their finances by protecting against unexpected events. This may include hospitalization bills, funeral costs, or funding college education for their children. When you highlight how these benefits will help them in the long run, this might encourage your client to purchase a policy from your company. 

3. Explain The Premium Costs

After giving your clients an idea about the value of getting life insurance, you must be transparent in your presentation. This means you have to explain the premium costs they have to pay so they can make an informed decision.

You may mention how much their premiums will be and how long they’ll have to pay for their insurance policy. In addition, you may state the amount of money they will get back on their investment if they decide to stay young and healthy.

As an insurance agent, insurance quoting tools are available to help you in quoting life insurance. This will help you pull quotes from various insurance companies. Considering the costs and your client’s budget, this tool will help you craft a plan and presentation that works best for your client, increasing your chances of success.

4. Prepare For Objections

When you are giving a presentation, it’s essential to be prepared for any objections that could arise. Your client might say they’re not interested in the life insurance or have already purchased coverage from another provider. This might make you nervous or even anxious, affecting the presentation’s success.
In this case, you need to prepare an answer for what your client can do next. If your client has questions about the product and how it works, give them as many resources as possible so that they can decide what’s best for their needs. If your client has already purchased coverage elsewhere, reaffirm that you understand the situation and how difficult it can be to switch providers.

A business meeting with a client

5. Leverage Visual Aids

Once you prepare yourself for possible objections from your client, you must add visual aids to transform your presentation. This can help you sustain their attention throughout the meeting while making crucial information easier to grasp.

When using visual aids in your life insurance presentation, make sure to use high-quality images and graphics. You want your audience to see what they need to see, so be sure to have multiple pictures or graphics on hand. You can also consider outsourcing a videographer to help you create powerful videos that will leave an impression on those who watch them.

6. Follow Up With Your Client After The Presentation

After presenting the insurance options to your client, you should follow up with them. This allows you to check their interest in the products and services you offer. It will help you gauge how effective your presentation was and how much potential business you have with them.

When following up with a client, you can email them or make a phone call after the initial meeting. You may ask them if they have any concerns about the products so you can clear them up before proceeding with a sale. This can help you increase your sales and improve the chances of closing the deal.

Key Takeaway

Persuading your client to purchase a life insurance policy can be tricky, especially if they have a lot of objections. This might affect your chances of getting them to agree on the details of the policy. Fortunately, there are various steps you can take to get through these obstacles. Remember that you must understand the type of person you’re presenting your products to. You can assess their needs to better prepare for the presentation. This way, you can help them find the right policy that best fits their situation and boost your chances of closing a sale.

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