Startup Marketing Strategy, Ideas and Tactics That Actually Work

Marketing in the 21st century is an essential segment for any business to stand out from the crowd and be consumers’ “best choice.” Today’s consumers do not simply run behind a company they have always known or sell products within their budget. If you are not marketing your brand and reaching your message to the target audience, you cannot generate new consumers, retain old ones, and increase revenue.

For startups, marketing is like introducing your brand to the World, letting people know who you are and what you sell. Marketing is one of the pillars of a successful business; if it’s broken, the overall business falls. You can hire an accountant for startup business to help you sketch an effective marketing strategy and push your startup one step towards success.

This comprehensive guide covers a few startup marketing strategies and tactics that work!

Have a clear and engaging brand message

Consumers are interested in knowing how your product or services can solve their problems instead of learning about your success stories.

Ensure your marketing story discusses business plans and unique points, avoid unnecessary jargon, and keep your adverts short and easy-going.

Keep an eye on the top brands in the mare and see their marketing approach.

Offer free trials to identify your market scenario

Startup businesses need to take risks in their initial years. You can offer free products for trial to customers and check if your product fits the market demands. Consumers give a try to these products to check how good your brand is and if it suits their choice and solves existing problems.

Once you can impress these consumers and maintain quality, you can retain them for longer. However, ask them to provide feedback that can help you to improve, while positive comments can attract more customers.

Provide discount codes or gifts to loyal customers

If you have ten customers who constantly purchase your product for the last few months, they are your loyal customers. You can offer them discount codes applicable on their next purchase. Initially, you are taking risks and keeping less profit margin, but when consumers start liking your products and customer service, you can retain them for an extended period.

Use content marketing strategy to generate leads

If you have a website and want more visitors to look into your brand, look for ways to generate leads. Content marketing is the latest tactic that big brands in the market are using to attract potential customers.

The content marketing strategy includes producing high-quality content that answers common questions of your potential customers and mobilizes them to the point of purchase.

For instance, if you are a mineral water manufacturing company, you can write blogs on water scarcity, how to prevent water pollution, government ways of protecting water bodies, etc. Potential customers read these blogs and reach out to your website when they find you attractive. That website is the window to your brand. Thus, attracting more and more consumers to your organization.

Social media icons

Use social media to connect with customers

Half of the World’s population is now on Social media; therefore, it’s the best platform for every business to interact with their consumers. You can distribute an advert on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., or run a video ad on YouTube. However, ensure you send similar messages and maintain a consistent brand image on every platform.

Implement a referral program in your strategy

It is the latest concept most businesses use today, where consumers bring in other consumers. Similar to word-of-mouth marketing, here, your existing customers put on their reviews, feedback, testimonials, and case studies on different platforms to advise your potential customers and attract them to your brand.

Use paid search advertising

Paid search advertising is a popular startup channel where business owners can buy laser-targeted traffic from different search engines like Google and Bing. They feature keyword targeting with CPC (Cost per click) pricing model. Whenever an individual searches with a keyword related to your business, your advertisement will pop up in the search result, and you will only be charged if they click on the ads.


In recent years, the ad-tech World has introduced a range of marketing strategies for startups. However, planning a strategy needs time and labour in brainstorming, research, and analysis. Startup owners have the least time to spend on marketing and advertisements. Therefore, getting accountants for startup businesses or looking out for third-party agencies to help construct a marketing strategy is advisable.

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