STA Travel MasterCard – facts and figures

One of the many trusted issuers of prepaid currency cards is the STA travel money card. Prepaid currency cards have become useful companions for travellers as they allow you to carry money on your travels without worrying about security, convenience or exchanging currency.

sta travel mastercard

Prepaid currency cards can be used like cash to pay on your travels, and many high street banks and specialist providers like CaxtonFX and FairFX. We now continue our currency card review with a focus on the STA travel money card.

Who are STA Travel MasterCard?
The STA Travel cash card is issued by the STA Travel, the world’s largest travel organisation for students and young people. You can use it in any shops in the world that accepts MasterCard payments.

It is not a credit card so you can spend only the amount loaded in your card.

An introduction to the STA Travel MasterCard
You can use the STA Travel MasterCard like cash, pay any money earned on your travels into the account, and they can even be topped up by someone in the UK.

Benefits of the  STA Travel MasterCard

  • Facility to hold money off the card in your eccount and transfer over when required
  • Instantly block and unblock your card as and when you need to for extra security control
  • No more travellers cheques or the need to exchange currency
  • Manage your money and avoid getting into debt
  • Use worldwide, anywhere you see the MasterCard acceptance mark – over 28 million locations including 1.5 million ATM’s
  • Easy to activate – No credit checks are carried out, simply provide either a copy of passport or 2 alternative forms of ID
  • The card can be topped up: With cash at over 19,500 Paypoint locations or 14,500 Post Office branches.
  • Online by credit/ debit card or by bank transfer – parents or friends can also top-up your card in this way if you run out of money
  • Wages or salaries can be received on the card with ease
  • Share your money with friends and family by adding them as an authorised user.
  • Your money can be managed 24 hours a day online, by text or via automated telephone service

How much does the STA Travel MasterCard cost?
Getting a STA Travel MasterCard costs £19.95 and £20 if purchased at PayPoint branches. Add £10 cashback to get you started. The second card is free but succeeding cards will cost £4.99.

Initial minimum load is £10, maximum amount per load is £1,500; and maximum card balance £5,000.

You can load money by bank transfer (free) or online by using your credit/debit card (3% fee).

Withdrawal fee is £1.50 in the UK and £2.25 abroad.

How can I get the STA Travel MasterCard?
You can buy the STA Travel MasterCard three ways. Online, by logging on to the company’s website; visiting any STA branch nationwide; and by calling 0845 872 0812. special offer

You can get a FREE FairFX currency card here – just sign up and load €10 and get the card free – it usually costs £9.95.


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