Don’t like spring cleaning? Maybe you need help!

For many of us, spring marks a fresh start. The worst of winter is over and the new season often begins with a big clean for house-proud Brits, so if you are looking for a clean home, read on to learn more.

Last year, according to a British Gas survey, we spent more than 560 million hours scrubbing and dusting, so wouldn’t it be nice to save some time on the biggest clean of the year?

A clean home is a happy home and a recent YouGov survey, carried out on behalf of professional cleaning company Molly Maid, has revealed that 1 in 10 UK adults said they pay for someone to clean their home.

The survey asked more than 2,000 people a series of questions about their cleaning habits and found that the average spend, for those who pay for cleaning services per month, is £85.25.

Other key findings from the survey include:

  • People in London are most likely to hire a cleaning service, with 17% of UK adults employing someone to take on certain domestic responsibilities in their home.
  • Those with three or more children in their household are most likely to hire a professional cleaner at 18%.
  • Of the UK adults who currently pay for someone to clean their home, 88% use an independent cleaner, and 12% a domestic cleaning company (e.g. Molly Maid).

Hidden benefits when using professional cleaners

These figures are a surprise, as domestic cleaning companies provide a number of benefits including their own supplies, know-how and insurance.

Cleaning liquids

The survey did, however, reveal that of those who currently pay for someone to clean their home, women were more likely to hire a domestic cleaner (16% women vs 8% men) compared to 92% of men who opt for independent cleaners (84% women).

Pam Bader, CEO at Molly Maid said: “The survey results have given us a interesting insight into the UK’s habits when it comes to the use of cleaning services. It’s important to be careful when letting someone inside your home and hiring a professional cleaning service ensures you are covered for a safe and reliable clean.

Here at Molly Maid every franchise is a registered business and we pride ourselves in providing a fully insured and reputable team to take on any cleaning needs.”

“Comprehensive insurance is often overlooked, not only are you covered in the unlikely event something is broken in your home when cleaning, but it’s necessary for protecting yourself and the individual who is cleaning your home.

If someone is injured in your household, you may be held liable for medical treatment, which without insurance can be in the thousands of pounds.”

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