Software small business: Business Accountz Basic

One of the most important items of software for small business is a bookkeeping system. Business Accountz Basic edition is a cost effective solution for you to consider.

Business Accountz Basic edition offers the small business owner an excellent transition from using a simple spreadsheet or personal finance software to a professionally created bookkeeping system that can grow with the company.

An increasing number of people are starting up small businesses such as becoming an Ebay Powerseller or other online retailing. It is important that these fledgling businesses start to manage their bank accounts and financial transactions properly and as soon as possible.

Keeping good business records is also vital if you are VAT registered and will save considerable time and money when your accountant prepares your annual accounts or tax returns.

Business Accountz Basic has been designed to provide a small business with an easy to use and quick way of inputting sales and purchasing transactions as well as reconciling bank accounts and preparing VAT returns.

Although there is no means of creating automated invoices within the system, invoices can be easily created in another application such as Microsoft Word and then the invoice details can be quickly entered as a sales transaction into Business Accountz.

Bank accounts can be quickly reconciled and at year end you can quickly and easily export your accounts for your accountant.

So if you are looking for cost effective small business accounting software, Business Accountz Basic is definitely worth considering.

Business Accountz Basic costs £99 + VAT (£116.33) and you can buy it from as an instant download – and just at the moment there’s a special offer and Accountz Basic Download is just £69.95 inc VAT

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