So how did Derren Brown predict the midweek Lotto draw results?

Last night the illusionist Derren Brown drew millions of viewers to Channel 4 to watch him attempt to predict the lottery numbers…and he matched all 6 numbers from the official BBC1 National Lottery draw. So how did he do it?

Firstly, his filming took place live in a secret studio location – a TV was on showing the BBC 1 National Lottery draw programme to prove this.

He is an illusionist we should remember.

All is to be revealed on his programme tomorrow evening, meantime it’s fun reading the myriad of theories that are being proposed to explain how he did manage to predict the numbers:

  • Camera trickery?
  • Split screen theory or false walls?
  • Writing recognition – as Brown wrote the numbers, the card was somehow linked to the balls so they were also written on at the same time
  • The numbers didn’t actually exist on the balls – were we hypnotised into thinking we saw the numbers?

Could Darren Brown really have found a system to crack the Lottery?

How do you think he did it?

If you didn’t see it, have a look, and let us know.

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