Ski holidays at Feb half-term – what extortionate prices!

I just got all excited to see the ‘Mark Warner Ski Resorts 2009/10’ brochure drop through the post.

I love skiing and with our children now just old enough to enjoy a ski holiday – and allow us to enjoy one too – I’m keen to see if we can get one organised for the forthcoming season.

With the children at school we’re limited on when we can go as I really don’t want to take them out of school.

So February half term looks the favourite time.

I haven’t gone through the whole Mark Warner brochure yet, but having skied myself before in Meribel, France and loved it I turned straight to see what was available there.

To my horror, at the first place I looked at for the February half term week, the adult costs almost doubled! How extortionate and how can this be justified? I thought maybe it was a one-off.

So I turned to Val d’Isere, another favourite of mine. Again there’s a significant increase, over £500 at one place.

I’m sure Mark Warner are not alone with these price hikes and know they, and of course other ski holiday companies, are in business to make money.

I also understand there’s the whole issue of supply and demand and of course the half term falls at the height of the ski season, but come on, how can such price rises be justified?

No doubt I’ll next find that ski hire, lessons and no doubt travel insurance all cost more for Febraury half term!

I think it’s time to see what else I can find.

Any ideas?


  1. Diane Ray 28th September 2009
  2. Liz Adams 27th September 2009

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