Should I stay or should I go? Emigrating from the UK economy

The tough economic times have a role to play in the life of just about every Brit; while some may feel the crunch more intensely than others, even the most insulated of people is bound to be impacted in some way.

For a fair amount of people – reports have risen to nearly 25% in recent weeks, that impact is creating a question of whether or not to leave the UK in pursuit of, optimistically, greener pastures elsewhere.

Falling into debt, exacerbated by the loss of a job, a cut in pay, or the rising price of basic commodities, is an experience shared by many in the UK, and the call of other countries with a lower cost of living and a higher availability of jobs appears distinctly loud amid the hum of national financial difficulties.

But going for the expatriation route may entail all manner of unpleasant elements, such as putting a large distance between families and friends, missing out on national sport and culture, and, in the worst-case scenario, finding out that life in other places isn’t necessarily easier.

In the midst of all the noise about embarking to this country or that, many consumer credit experts are virtually shouting out of their office windows to help people realise that debt can be resolved rationally and with relative ease, helping people to stay in their homes and handle the challenges of making ends meet.

No doubt, in some cases, planning a stint abroad is a sound and potentially enjoyable idea. But with nearly a quarter of the nation considering the move, the importance of spreading the word about debt management is rapidly gaining momentum. Look at your options before you leap!

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