Shopping online may not be the cheapest option

Shopping online is often thought to provide the cheapest prices for just about anything that you want to buy. You may not always get the best deal from the web, however.

Our local Sainsbury’s store was recently upgraded to one of those huge superstores selling everything from groceries, clothes, TV’s, car accessories and outdoor furniture.

I happened to see that they were selling an Outback Omega 200 gas barbecue which was reduced from £100 down to £49.99. They had three left in the store.

As anyone would, I went home and did a quick hunt for the same model on the Internet. If it is in Sainsbury’s for £49.99, surely I can get it cheaper on Amazon or another site.

I subscribe to Amazon Prime so I don’t pay anything extra for next day deliveries. Buying from Amazon makes sense, as long as their prices are better than I can get anywhere else.

Well, what a disappointment. Amazon are selling exactly the same BBQ for £119.99, which is more expensive than the normal price at Sainsbury’s (£100).

I couldn’t find that barbecue at anything like the sale price at Sainsbury’s on any other site, so I went along the next morning and bought it from Sainsbury’s.

So next time you see a deal like that in your supermarket, it might be wise to snap it up. You almost certainly can’t buy it cheaper online, but it is worth spending a few minutes checking on the Internet, just to make sure.

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