Shocked by eBays’ Final Value Commission Fees

I haven’t sold anything on eBay for well over a year but as I wanted to clear out a few items, I advertised them on eBay last week.

I expected the insertion fees, and even paying 12p for each extra photo seemed reasonable, so I set up the adverts and let eBay do its own thing.

The auctions were successful and I sold the two items for a good price last night.

I was pleased with myself until I noticed how much I now owed eBay.

Where did all those costs come from? I searched around and then saw that they are now charging a 10 per cent final value fee.

And then you are charged extra fees by PayPal, who are also owned by eBay, to receive your payments from the buyers.

I know that I should have noticed all this before I placed the items for auction. But I am shocked how expensive eBay has become now.

In fact I am so surprised about the costs of selling on eBay that we are going to do some research to find some cheaper alternatives. We’ll then write about them to let as many people know about them as possible.

There must be other good, but cheaper places, to sell your used items. Do you know of any? Please let us know by posting a comment in the form below, if you do.

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