Secrets That a Personal Injury Attorney Will Never Tell You

Can you ever get a guarantee in life where you can be sure that your loved ones can easily avoid being injured in car accidents? No, there are no guarantees in life that will safeguard you from getting hurt. A normal situation gets complex when a collision occurs due to the negligence of another party.

Keeping in mind the drastic rise in the number of traffic deaths in the US, you too can meet with a vehicle crash any day. Hence, it is important to be aware of the fact that a personal injury lawyer in Cedar Rapids can help you obtain your deserved compensation for treating yourself medically.

But there are always a few things that a PI lawyer won’t tell you. We’ll discuss some such points in this article.

I pretend I did everything from scratch but I too use forms

The documents that are prepared by lawyers for their clients are usually the edited versions of previously used templates. Rather than charging for the small edits that they make, they often charge you for the entirely new document and pretend to have done everything from scratch. While there’s nothing wrong in offering edited forms, then why charge the extra price?

I get things done by a peon but charge you the rate of a lawyer

Did you know that a majority of the lawyers’ work is handed over to their secretaries, paralegals, and interns? The lawyer will give the responsibility of paperwork to their paralegal and then charge a regular fee from you. There’s nothing wrong in seeking the help of trained clerks but they should refrain from charging you $300 per hour for a $50 per hour task.

I wish you don’t give a minute look at the expense report

Due to the size of their law firm, it often happens that they demand hefty rates for tasks like copying services, subscriptions for legal databases, and long-distance calls. However, rather than transferring the savings to you, there are a few law firms that charge a higher rate. Shipping charges are one such example. Any firm will negotiate a rebated rate and this is reflected in the monthly bill. You can understand the difference if you check the final bill minutely.

You won’t need me for these simple tasks

There are several small legal tasks like basic wills, simple contracts, real estate transactions, or uncontested divorce that can be done on your own. Even if you don’t do it on your own, you can seek the help of paralegals. But despite knowing this, the lawyers won’t tell you that you can do things on your own and not ask for their help.

The fee I charge is negotiable

When you have a big project that will continue for several months, you can always negotiate the hourly rate of the lawyer. It is even better that you tell them to quote a flat rate for the project. You should be aware of the fact that the charges of the lawyer are negotiable.

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