Secrets of Online Voucher Code Shopping

Being a professional bargain hunter is not without its lows. You might think you’ve found a good deal, but there is plenty of small print to bring you back down to earth from cloud nine. From one seasoned online shopper, here are all those things you might have missed when putting in your order.

The Difference Between Offers and Codes

Let’s get one thing straight from the offset: offers and codes are different. Offers are already live on site with the discounted prices marked next to the reduced products. They show original prices versus the amount you’ll be buying the item for and are commonly seasonal sales, flash deals or clearance. Codes, on the other hand, are entered into an assigned box at the checkout and take off your savings in the basket stage of your transaction. Codes are generally more short term, whereas offers can go on for months.

Generate Codes with Newsletters

You’ll find there is actually an opportunity to save money on a lot of retailer websites simply by signing up to their newsletter. The money off will then either be sent to your inbox or appear right away on the open web page. Sometimes this is assigned to first orders for new customers only, so make sure you read the small print to ensure you’re getting anywhere from 10% to 50% knocked off the total.

Get Birthday Perks

Signing up to some newsletters mean you can get a perk when you birthday comes around every year. Make sure you enter your birth date when prompted and get anything from free samples, a free gift or a percentage off to celebrate your big day.

Happy birthday!

Is There a Minimum Spend?

Beware of the minimum spend clause. Yes, that code will give you 20% off, but you may have to spend a good £50 to be eligible. Not all codes come with minimum spends, but some do and it’s up to you to weigh up whether it’s worth it.

If you weren’t intending to spend that much, consider if there is anything else you genuinely want to add to your basket, otherwise you may be counteracting what you thought was a great deal by making up the difference reaching that threshold.

Find the Best Deals with Voucher Code Websites

Curating a page filled with both the best deals and offers, voucher code websites can be the way to check-in for all ongoing promotions. If you’ve got that one clothing store you really love to shop at, or it’s Takeaway Friday, websites like Discount Promo Codes likely have a code for that. Not to mention they give 20% of their monthly profits to charity, so you can feel good as you shop.

If They’ve Got it, So Has Everyone Else

It’s key to remember, when browsing voucher code websites, that they will very often all have similar listings. Occasionally one might have an exclusive code, but often it’s not worth your time shopping around and wasting your time looking for something better. Choose the website with the best ethics and keep referring back to find the latest deals.

Ask for Vouchers On Live Chats

Courtesy of the people at Money Saving Expert, one not widely known trick is to request a discount through live chat services. Don’t close that live chat pop-up when you’re browsing the likes of Schuh, Dyson or Nike. Wherever you choose to shop, show interest and ask questions about products you’d like to buy and require on whether there are any current deals available, or even confess it might be slightly out of your budget. It can’t hurt to ask, right?

Shop online to save money

Are You Really Savings with Free Delivery?

Like with money off codes, frequently free delivery codes and/or offers comes with a minimum spend requirement. This usually allows the retailer to make a profit even when covering the cost of your postage and packaging.

The minimum spend anticipates you won’t just spend the couple of quid you need to reach the required amount, but that you’ll be pulled in by other products that you set you back over what the postage would have cost you in the first place.

Don’t be fooled and sucked in by what appears to be an absolute steal. Some deals are not all they seem, so use voucher code websites that are transparent with their customers and don’t be tricked out of extra pounds you don’t have. From hidden minimum spends to where you can find further discounts, these are all the essential secrets to make your next online shop a money saving success.

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