Five Fun Ways to Be Savvy with Your Money in 2020

Whoever said money matters had to be boring? The days of dull, repetitive 9-5 jobs are behind us! Freelancing is on the rise around the world, with the latest report from Freelancers Union and Upwork estimating that the US is now home to 56.7 million freelancers. That’s a rise of 3.7 million in just the last five years.

In the UK, freelancing is also on the up, with the number of self-employed workers increasing from 3.3 million in 2001 to 4.8 million in 2017. What’s more, Simply Business identified a staggering 31% annual rise in the number of people looking to go freelance in 2018.

Of course, once you’ve earned your money, the fun part is how to spend it. There are some great ‘side gigs’ out there that can help to boost your income, as well as some excellent ways to make your money go further. As such, we’ve rounded up five fun ways to be savvy with your money in 2020.

Wheeling and dealing

You don’t have to be Del Boy to ‘wheel and deal’. All you need is an eBay account and an eye for a bargain. eBay essentially gamifies buying and selling, making it a really fun way to make a few extra pounds. Not only can you sell your own unwanted items, you can also hunt down bargains to flip. Look out for misspelled listing titles and auctions that end in the middle of the night to stand a good chance of picking up cut-price items that you can then sell on for a profit.

Finding the best bonuses

Have you noticed the huge rise in online casinos over the past few years? You can now play jackpot slots from your computer, tablet, or phone with ease. There’s plenty of fun to be had, with a host of different games available, and savvy spenders can keep an eye out for bonus offers and free spins to make their money go even further! For example, Paddy Power has a selection of bonus offers, including sign-up spins for newbies, that constantly refresh. The trick is to be on the lookout and select the ones that are right for you and your style of play.

Knitted teddy bears

Selling your craft

One side gig that many people love is selling their arts and crafts online. You can be as creative as you like, making anything from cushion covers to Christmas baubles. There are plenty of online outlets such as Etsy that allow you to quickly and easily list your items and access a ready-made audience of potential customers. All you need to do is keep up with demand!

Spotting job adverts

If you like to shop and live in a large town or city, using the Job Spotter app is a really fun way to earn a bit of extra cash. Every time you see a job advert, you whip out your phone and take a quick picture of it. Take a picture of the shopfront too and then watch the money roll in – it really is that simple!

Helping others

After enjoying huge success in the US, TaskRabbit has also launched in the UK. In essence, you complete helpful tasks in order to make money; the quantity you complete is up to you. This is a really fun side gig, that has something of a gamified feel to it – perfect for enjoying making some extra cash.

So that’s it! Which of these savvy ways with money will you be undertaking in 2020?

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