How to Save Money When Moving to Manchester

Moving home is an exciting but very costly project. And now that you’re planning on moving to Manchester, you’re already probably aware of that fact. From securing a new place to live to physically getting yourself and your belongings to Manchester City, consider yourself warned that there will be many bills coming your way.

Unfortunately, these moving costs are unavoidable. However, it is possible to cut some corners and possibly save some money in some areas of your move. And so, to help you to that, we’ve come up with a list of money-saving tips to make sure that your relocation to Manchester doesn’t break the bank. Here they are:

1. Make A Moving Checklist

Staying organised and having all the logistics planned out to the detail is crucial in every move. Unless you want to be stuck with a major mess on your hands, it’s best to prepare your stuff early.

By making a moving checklist, you will make sure that everything is done correctly and on time. This does not only ensure that your move goes smoothly but also reduces the risk of delays and tasks not being done until the last minute, which will both cost you a lot more money.

2. Declutter

Before you start packing your belongings, it would be wise for you to go through your stuff and sort them out. Chances are, you’ve accumulated a lot of clutter and outgrown a lot of stuff throughout the years you’ve stayed at your old place, and lugging them all to Manchester will not be at all practical.

Getting rid of things you don’t want or don’t need will save you money, time, and, most importantly, space. To get rid of your old belongings, you may dispose of them, donate them, or sell them and use the money you’ve earned to fund a portion of your moving costs. Here are some tips on how you could sell used items for cash.

3. Employ Some Help

You will want to hire a man and van in Manchester to help you move your belongings from your old home to your new place. Remember that extra cash you earned from having a little garage sale? You can used that to pay for a man and van company.

A commercial van

True to its name, a man and van is composed of a man and his van. A man and van transports items from one location to another and is useful for many tasks, including home removals, office removals, student removals, single item collection and delivery, self-storage move-ins, etc.

If you’re worried about the cost of hiring a man and van to help you out with your move. Well, the truth is, hiring a man and van will probably cost you less than renting a moving van that you will have to drive and refuel yourself!

Additionally, by moving your belongings alone, no one else is responsible for your belongings’ safety but yourself. So, if you break or lose an item, you will not be compensated for it. This will not be an issue if you hire a Manchester man with a van, as they offer an amount of insurance for the items you’ve entrusted to them.

By hiring a man and van, you are also saving yourself from any potential moving-related injury, and therefore protecting yourself from the burden of having to pay for medication and possibly physiotherapy. You can read about the most common types of moving-related injuries here.

4. Find Free And Alternative Packing Materials

Packing materials can be expensive, especially when you’ve got many things you need to pack. So, instead of packing all of your belongings into special moving boxes, why not save the boxes for items that are fragile or valuable?

You may, for example, pack your books into a suitcase that can easily be rolled around. Moreover, in general, bags are pretty ideal packing materials, as they already have the handles that make them easy to move and carry.

Moving boxes labelled for a house move

You will also want to look into using towels, linens, and blankets as an alternative to bubble wrap or wrapping paper. This will not only cost you less on the wrapping materials but also cost you less on boxes, as you’ll have twice the amount of items packed in one box.

Lastly, if you would prefer to put all your stuff in boxes, you can always source free boxes around your neighbourhood. Check out the supermarket, local shops, bookstore, liquor stores, schools, restaurants, recycling centres, storage facilities, and even your workplace for clean and sturdy second-hand boxes. Some establishments will give you these boxes for a low cost, while others hand the boxes over, free of charge!

Just check if the free boxes you get are clean and sturdy, as used boxes could sometimes be damaged or contaminated. This, in turn, may damage your stuff, and you wouldn’t want that!

5. Schedule Your Move During An Off-Peak Day Or Season

Moving, especially when you’re hiring a man and van, is more expensive during the peak season. You will want to avoid moving during the Christmas season, any major holidays, and weekends.

Be flexible with your moving date. While it is not always the case, having flexible dates can sometimes help you bring your moving costs down. Alternatively, making sure your booking dates are moved far in advance can also help you save up on the costs.

6. Secure The Necessary Permits

Will you need parking permits for the moving van? How about work permits in your new street or your new neighbourhood? Is there any moving paperwork in Manchester that you should know about?

These are some things you should find out beforehand. Provide yourself with enough time to secure all the necessary permits and paperwork before you conduct your move. After all, you wouldn’t want to get charged with a fine for not accomplishing this stuff promptly!

7. Prep Your Meals

Your drive to Manchester City, especially if you’re coming from a faraway place, will undoubtedly be filled with snacking and munching on food items from fast-food restaurants and gas station convenience stores. It’s just human nature to be snacky when anxious.

A healthy takeout meal

While these kinds of food are individually cheap and easy to purchase, this amount will quickly accumulate for as long as you are on the road. So, pack up some sandwiches and buy some crisps and drinks at the grocery store before moving day!

Your instincts will also probably tell you to eat out for every meal while you get unpacked and settled into your new home. However, while consumer costs and restaurant prices in Manchester are relatively cheap, it would still be ideal to make your meals. To make sure this is something that you could do in your new home, unpack your kitchen first!

So, are you ready to make the big move to this stunning, diverse town? If so, check out this new home checklist and this list of tips on what you can do to relax after your move!

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