5 Easy Ways To Save Money When Revamping Your Garden

Sprucing up your garden doesn’t have to be expensive, nor does it need to be repeatedly put at the bottom of your to-do list. Whilst many of us avoid revamping our gardens because we fear that it will cost hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds, there are easy ways you can save money.

From buying high-quality teak garden tables to last a lifetime, to planting Hyacinth for a vibrant garden all year round, here are 5 easy ways to save money when revamping your garden.

Paint Your Own Planter

Maintaining colour in your garden all year round can be difficult, especially when the unpredictable winter weather sets in. To avoid buying plants each time a new season rolls around, buy those that will last for the majority of the year.

This way, you don’t have to fork out your hard-earned money for a plant that will survive two, if not three, months, and you can save valuable time replanting pots, patches and planters. For additional colour, why not buy a colourful wooden planter? If buying a colourful wooden planter is out of range for your budget, buy a standard wooden planter and paint it yourself.

Not only is this less expensive, but it’s a great activity to do with the kids!

Choose The Easy Option

Whilst it might be too expensive to buy an entirely new outdoor dining set to give your small garden a much needed lift, you don’t have to enjoy your garden any less. Instead, opt for the easy choice. Find a tablecloth to cover the dirt and rust of your current dining set until you have enough money set aside to buy your dream set.

You never know, you might end up liking it more! Plus, with so many uniquely designed cloths available from stripes, polka dots and floral patterns to choose from, you can create a space personalised according to your specific style.

Repurpose Tiresome Pallets

There are countless things you can do to turn a wooden pallet into a masterpiece, such as as adding a lick of paint to turn the wooden structure into something beautiful. Alternatively, why not turn your pallets into a piece of garden furniture?

Buying made-to-measure cushions or table covers wholesale to put on top of your spare pallets can transport what was once a nuisance into a lounger perfect for warm weather use, or as a table!

Take The Indoors Outside

You really can find some of the best-preserved furniture at second-hand shops and auctions alike. Whilst some people turn their noses up at the thought of using something previously used by another family who no longer has use for the item for whatever reason, who can say no to a good bargain?!

Whilst the furniture on offer might not be designed for the outdoors, there’s no reason why you can’t place an indoor item outdoors throughout the summer.

Choose Less Expensive Materials

For some, revamping their gardens starts on the ground. When you begin planning your landscape design, you might be surprised at the cost, and despite knowing your garden, you may think there is no way to reduce the cost.

However, there is! Instead of choosing the most expensive materials, opt for cheaper material, such as wood. Whilst it may not be exactly what you want, you can never go wrong with a garden decking area, perfect for family gatherings, summer parties and BBQs!

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