How to save money on re-designing your home

If your home is long overdue a fresh new look but your budget is tight, there are still some ways that you can redesign without having to worry too much about the costs. By following these simple tips, you could surprise yourself with just how much you’re able to renovate without breaking the bank.

Do it yourself

This one is a no-brainer. Instead of hiring professional painter and decorators to touch up your walls and doors, don some overalls and do it yourself! True, for certain things you may have to hire some help, but simple tasks shouldn’t be too hard to manage on your own or with some help from your friends.

The benefit of natural light

Before you begin your remodel, see how much natural light you have in your home. By using natural light wisely, you could save money on installing more lights than you may need to. Another great option when it comes to lighting is dimmer switches. These will allow you to control the amount of light in a room and ultimately save pennies on your electricity bills.

Consider long-term costs

Saving money isn’t just about the short-term. By considering the long-term costs during your redesign, you’ll be able to know exactly how much you’ll be shelling out for every project you’re planning to undertake.

Carpet remnants

If you want to recarpet a room in your house, why not try looking for carpet remnants. Most stores will have a wide range of carpet remnants, and vinyl floor ends available that you can use to cheaply redesign your home. This is a great option if you need several rooms doing at one time as new carpet, and the cost of fitting them, can be costly.

The importance of colour

Re-designing your home doesn’t have to be a huge project and can instead be something as simple as changing the interior. When it comes to interior design, knowing the transformative effects of colour can save you a lot of money; changing something as simple as the paint on your walls will brighten a room cheaply and quickly.

Minimal home interior design

If you’re unsure about which colour would work best for your re-design, don’t be afraid to seek advice from interior design experts such as Kia Design who can lead you on the right track.

Go directly to building suppliers and subcontractors

More advanced projects, such as changing your stairs, will need the assistance of a general contractor but this can often mean you’re paying more money. Look around for a local supplier who will supply the parts you need, and you may even be able to negotiate a contract with them so that you can get a professional labourer for a little less than you may have initially paid.

Ask for cash discount

If you’re buying a large quantity of goods for your re-design, such as windows, doors and hardware, ask if they have volume discounts. Similarly, if you’re working directly with subcontractors or suppliers, always get quotes from a number of different companies and remember to negotiate when necessary. If you’re paying by cash, ask for a 10% discount on completion.

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