Great Ways to Save Money on Purchasing a Great Quality Office in London

While the pandemic has affected every part of our lives, if your ambition is to purchase a high-quality office in London then this should not put you off. Buying office space now in many ways puts you at an advantage over where you would be if you had purchased last year. The market is more favourable to buyers, and you can now put together a better idea of what the office of the future will look like, in a way no one could have expected this time last year. This means there are several ways to save money on purchasing a great quality London office.

Streamline costs by using a serviced office

Purchasing an office comes with a lot of hidden costs and complications – a seemingly endless list of equipment to inventory, utilities to keep track of and thorough and complicated cleaning rotas to keep your employees safe. One investment that can streamline the process and give you a chance to start strong from the get-go is the serviced office.

In a serviced office, for example an office space in London from Be Offices, the utilities, inventory and cleaning rota are taken care of to your specifications. Being able to arrive in an office and know the office service can provide expert advice on social distancing and have cleaning staff who are aware of the latest information on COVID-19 can take a load off your mind.

Acknowledge and plan for the home working revolution

An astonishing nine in ten Britons are interested in working from home for at least part of the week after the pandemic. This sounds like it should spell doom for the traditional office, but it is not the whole story. While a third of those surveyed said they had become more productive, a similar number said they had become less productive. This crisis has laid bare the social role the office plays, and the fact that most people do not want to lose this space for connection.

A spacious conference room

Knowing this gives you freedom in choosing the best office for you and may well save you money. The office you are looking for will need to have space for social distancing, but you should also mentally prepare for the fact that work will take place both in and out of the office. During the post-lockdown return to work it is likely that you will never have all your employees in at the same time, and even after the crisis it is likely to be very rare.

Knowing that you are not buying with an eye to company capacity can open new avenues of possibility. While it is necessary to work within social distancing guidelines consider a smaller but nicer office with good ventilation and spacious, comfortable workstations with suitable distances between them.

Stay aware of fluctuations in market price

London is home to some of the most valuable property on the planet, and one of the ten most expensive cities in the world to buy in. It is therefore a good idea to keep your eyes on the market. Compare how pricing of office spaces coming onto the market reflects consumer confidence to find the space you want for the best price at the right time.

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