Save money on your car insurance

Having car insurance is a must – it’s an offence under the Road Traffic Act to drive your car on public roads witout it. So here are our 5 steps to help you save money on your car insurance.

Save Money on Car Insurance1.   Think about the type of car insurance you need

  • Do you need Third party only, Third party fire and theft or Comprehensive car insurance cover?
  • Third party fire and theft car insurance will be cheaper than Comprehensive – which do you need? Can you save money already?

2.   Get the best car insurance deal to meet your needs by shopping around

  • You can quickly and easily compare quotes from a range of companies and see what’s best for you and how much money you can save for just a few minutes effort.

3.  Consider how you will use the car

  • Do you used your car for Social, Domestic & Pleasure, Commuting, Business Use or Commercial travelling are the categories used by car insurance companies.
  • If you are only using the car for Social, Domestic & Pleasure, you don’t need to buy cover that includes commuting which would cost you more. Can this help you save money on your car insurance?

4.  Save money on your car insurance cover by only taking out the cover you need

  • Opt for a higher excess
  • Is there a no claims discount? (Can this be protected?)
  • Reduce your annual mileage – perhaps you can do some car sharing to help this
  • Do you need breakdown cover?
  • Do you really need a courtesy car if your car is off the road?
  • Do you need overseas travel included?
  • Save money by using discounts and special offers – car insurance companies often offer these to get your new business
  • Is there a discount for purchasing online?
  • Is there a discount if you insure multiple cars?
  • Is there a discount for holding another insurance policy with the company e.g. Home Insurance?
  • Will the company promise to beat you car renewal quote from another company?
  • Is there a discount fro Pass Plus or Advance drivers?
  • You can often save money if you’re a younger driver by adding an older driver – don’t ‘front’ though as this is illegal
  • Add a partner can help the premiums too
  • Do you need to spread you monthly payments? if there is a cost you may want to avoid this option to save money.

5.   Compare car insurance quotes

Make sure you do compare quotes and get the best deal to meet your needs – you’ll be surprised just how different the premiums quoted from the different car insurance companies are.

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