How to Save Money Whilst Driving and on Train Journeys

As travelling restrictions ease, more of us will be excited to get back on the road and exploring new destinations. Here’s how you can save money whilst doing so.

Money-saving tips for car journeys

Car journeys don’t have to be expensive! You can shop around to find out where the cheapest petrol station is near you to fill up at the start of your journey. Most of the time, supermarkets with a filling station will offer their petrol at a cheaper rate than a standalone petrol station would. Be sure to note down the petrol prices in your area when you use the pumps so that you can quickly find the cheapest one near you.

If you are looking to travel more frequently and want to keep petrol costs low, consider buying a car with better fuel economy such as a hybrid or eco-boost vehicle. Though this might set you back to start with, it will save you money and be better on the planet in the long run.

Think about car sharing too. If you and a friend both live on the same route to work, try taking it in turns to drive each other there. This means that you’ll be spending less on petrol, and you’ll not be driving as often. You could also ask whoever is coming on your next journey with you to help with petrol costs and split the price of travel between you.

Money-saving tips for train journeys

When travelling by train, there are plenty of ways you can save. For example, if you’re able to qualify for one you could invest in a railcard. These inexpensive cards save you up to a third on your rail travel and can last for up to one year – just think of all the savings!

If you’re travelling as part of a group, you can benefit from buying a group save ticket. This means that you’ll each receive some money off the total bill of what you would have spent on train fares separately. Remember, you must be travelling on the same route at the same time for this to work.

If you aren’t in a rush, try travelling during off-peak times as the ticket prices are much lower during these periods due to decreased demand. You can also save money by booking your ticket in advance if you know which day you want to travel on. The closer it gets to your day of travel, the more expensive tickets become.

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