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I get emailed every day by Amazon with ‘Today’s Deal of the Day and Best Deals’. Last week I was emailed with the oh so tempting offer of ’45 rolls of Andrex Puppies toilet tissue for £12.99′. My burning question though, was this a good deal? Could I really save money? Was it worth buying in bulk? I decided to investigate.
Save money on Andrex Toilet Rolls

The Amazon deal of the day was for the Andrex Puppies toilet tissue, a total of 45 rolls, split into 5 bags with 9 rolls in each. The special deal price was £12.99, including delivery.

At the rate we seem to use toilet rolls in our household, paying less than 29p for a lovely soft Andrex one, complete with puppies, seemed a great deal. However, despite the fact that I regularly shop for these delights, I wasn’t sure how great the deal really was.

I checked on Their Andrex classic white toilet rolls were on offer at £1.75 for 4 rolls, usual price £2.00 for the 4 rolls. This though worked out at just under 44p per roll, or put another way, 50% more than the Amazon deal. And what’s more these were only the classic white, not the toilet rolls with puppies on!

I checked on Their best Andrex toilet roll offer was a 9 pack of their Gorgeous Comfort Quilts. The usual price was £4.47 but the offer price was just £4, working out at 44.5p per roll. Again some 50% more than my Amazon deal.

I clearly was onto a winner with Amazon. What was the usual price on there I wondered? It currently is £17.50 for the 45 rolls, or just under 39p.

So even without a special deal, Amazon is cheaper than the current Morrisons or Tesco offers and indeed much cheaper than the usual prices charged at these supermarkets.

I would expect to get a discount for buying in bulk. This discount though has got to be big enough to make it worth while finding a large sum of money in one hit and of course storing the bulk items, in my case all the toilet rolls.

Feeling I’d done enough research, I went ahead and ordered my toilet rolls and they arrived today. How exciting!

Seriously though, opportunities to save money need to be grabbed when you see them. To make the most of your money you need to shop wisely, be aware of offers, consider buying online in bulk. Also don’t necessarily stick to doing all your shopping in one shop, shopping around really can be to your advantage.

This little exercise has given me further ‘food for thought’. What other opportunities are there to save money by using Amazon for household items, rather than the traditional supermarkets? Can I even save money without buying in bulk?

I’d also like to find out how these deals compare to what’s available in the likes of Lidl and Aldi? What about shopping for non-branded items? I need to find all this out.

Also I came across Amazon Pantry when doing the research, I have no idea what this is but feel I need to know more.

As always, there are plenty of opportunities to save money and we here at MoneyHighStreet look forward to sharing more of our findings with you so do come back soon.





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