Salesforce DevOps Certification Programs You May Want to Do

The combination of developer and operations refers to DevOps. It consists of numerous stages that you can automate through a set of tools. However, in this lifecycle, a developer first plans the modules and algorithm, then adds coding, and stores it in a repository. All the codes and edited versions, known as version control, remain in the repository, which can be Git. The developer can call the code and execute them in the build stage. For these, tools like Gradle and Maven can come in handy. You have to test the app for bugs before you deploy it. After deployment, regular configurations can happen through automation.

The app remains under the observation of a monitoring tool, and feedback is sent to the planning stage. Integration is one of the most crucial parts of the DevOps lifecycle. Developers usually use Jenkins for the codes for build and test. If successful, they enter the deployment stage. This whole process is about integration.

Importance of DevOps Certification

An accredited certificate tends to be the evidence of a person’s competitive capabilities and knowledge of the subject that make a qualified DevOps professional. You study different courses and go through many assessments and performance reviews to become successful. Today, DevOps is one of the most lucrative fields. Having a certificate can help you establish yourself in this area smoothly. As a DevOps professional, you also get an opportunity to work with a diverse team of QAs, developers, business analysts, operation engineers, etc.

So, if you desire to validate or showcase your skills, you must consider doing a DevOps certification program. As mentioned, it can be your competitive edge and hence, can open the floodgates of opportunities. Here are some of the certificate courses from this field to help you choose and chase as a part of a career progression strategy.

Leading DevOps Certification Courses

Docker Certified Associate

If you have at least six months of prior knowledge of working with DockerDevOps tool, you can opt for this program. The main objective of the course is to add credibility to you. It enables you to practice and apply your skills to businesses. You get accreditation and access to the professional network of Docker Certified candidates on social channels. With them, you can look to enhance your expertise as you get opportunities to attend exclusive events where only certificate holders are allowed.

An exam certificate

The exam can have 55 multiple choice questions that you need to solve in 90 minutes. The test can check your understanding of a Docker ecosystem and its application through concepts like Networking, Security, Image creation, Storage and Volumes, etc. The test can cost you about USD 195. You can appear for it from home using a Mac or Microsoft Windows system.

Puppet Professional Certification

It can be another useful Salesforce DevOps certification, as already over 35K companies across the globe use Puppet, and about 206 system administration conduct Puppet tests. From this, you can anticipate its popularity with engineers, architects, managers, developers, and administrators. The Puppet Professional Certification measures the depth of the understanding of Puppet IT automation software. A qualified candidate can use Puppet for the operating system infrastructure. From data separation to external data sources, you can gain awareness about different modules. You can become conversant with Puppet Language Style Guide and apply it in documentation and practices concerning Puppet.

For this test, you need to meet a few criteria. You must be comfortable with Forge for accessing modules. You need to know how to troubleshoot the Puppet’s core components and code. Understanding of classification strategies, module testing methods, module design, and others is equally critical.

There can be 60 multiple choice questions to solve in 90 minutes. The test may cost around USD 200. The content of the test can include Puppet agent lifecycle, Puppet facts, resource abstraction, etc. You also need to have operational knowledge of Puppet language, Hiera’s data service capabilities, and so on.

Kubernetes Certification

It is one of the leading DevOps tools and most coveted DevOps certifications; the course offers you two programs – one for administrator and another for an application developer. The administrator course checks your hold over Kubernetes in terms of skills, understanding, and competency. You have to solve a group of problems through a command line in three-hour time. You also need to have awareness about different features, including Application Lifecycle Management, Networking, Scheduling, Security, Storage, Troubleshooting, and others. The test’s charges can be USD 300.

A data centre network

If you are into the Kubernetes environment’s core practices, the application developer certification program is for you. You should be able to design, develop, expose, and configure cloud apps for Kubernetes. Knowing OCI-Compliant Container Runtime, Cloud-based application concepts, and infrastructure is also critical. Besides, you should have prior knowledge of Python, Java, or Go languages.

Passing this test will validate your experience, expertise, competency, and knowledge of the Kubernetes ecosystem. The format of the test can be like an administrator certificate. However, you may get only two hours to finish your exam. You should know Configuration, Observability,Services and Networking,Pod Design, and other such relevant subject matters. The course can charge USD 300.

These are only a few examples. Plenty of tests happen for SalesforceDevOps. You can choose and specialize in anything that suits your capabilities and interests. Today, recruiters and companies are hunting for Salesforce talents across a wide area. They are also ready to pay a higher salary. If you want career progression and steady rise, you need to hone your skills and build your grasp over the DevOps solutions. Even if you have gained expertise through self-learning, you need to prove it to the companies that want to look at your certificates. Since certification enjoys undisputed trust and respect, the moment you earn one of them, you become a premium candidate.

Salesforce platform has revolutionized the way software is delivered. It has sped up processes and development. If you want to evolve in this field, expanding and enriching your brain with the latest events can prove useful. Once again, it is to inform you that there are many other certification courses in this field. You can opt for any of them.

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