Sainsburys sales rise – I am not surprised

Sainsburys announced a 6.2% increase in their sales today. I am not surprised, as they are getting better and better.

Sainsburys increased their non petrol sales by 6.2% over the first quarter of this year, which is the best performance of all the major supermarket chains. I am not at all surprised by this as they seem to get better every month.

Although the sale of their low cost “Basics” products has leapt by 60%, I personally am finding that many of their “Taste the difference” (TOD) products are the best around.

Have you tried any of their “Taste the Difference” curries?. They are excellent. In fact, when I tried a similar curry from Marks and Spencer recently, it was definitely inferior to the TOD curry from Sainsburys.

In fact the top of the range curries from Sainsburys are better than those from many of the local Indian restaurants. No wonder that more people are choosing to eat at home, rather than at restaurants.

Some time ago we wrote about saving money at supermarkets and pointed out how the Basics foods can often provide excellent value, without sacrificing quality.

In these challenging economic times, it makes sense to find bargains wherever you can, and the fact that some of the strawberries or carrots are slightly misshapen, and therefore are sold in the Basics range, really doesn’t matter when they are on the plate.

I’ve noticed that Sainsburys have greatly extended their Basics range recently, to cater for those with limited budgets, so it is no surprise to see that sales of these products has increased so much.

It is not just the quality of Sainsburys food that has improved recently. I think they provide exceptional levels of customer service, or at least our supermarket does. Their fish and meat counter staff are always willing to talk about their products and offer advice about cooking or selecting other cuts or types of produce.

Our local Sainsburys has also introduced a large number of self service checkouts, which means that you rarely have to wait in a queue, particularly if you are only buying a few items.

So all in all, I am not surprised that Sainsburys have grown their sales by so much. In my opinion they are improving all the time and seem to work hard to win, and then retain, as much of the market as possible.

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