5 Safety & Security Reasons for Having Barriers in Company

Barriers are a great way to ensure the safety and security of your premises. Whether it be walls, fences, or gates, these barriers can help keep unwanted visitors out while providing employees with a sense of protection. In this blog, we’ll discuss five safety and security reasons for having barriers in your business.

What are Armco Barriers?

Armco barriers are pre-fabricated metal safety structures, typically used to secure a perimeter or boundary. These structures can be installed quickly and can provide your business with an extra layer of protection from any external threats. 

Whilst Armco barriers are designed to be durable and long-lasting, they can also be easily moved if needed. This makes them ideal for businesses that need flexible security solutions. They’re often made from galvanised steel and can be painted with special reflective paint to increase visibility. This ensures that any potential intruders are deterred from entering the premises and that they can be seen by employees on site. In addition, Armco barriers can be integrated with CCTV systems to monitor activity in and around the premises.

What Are The Benefits of Using Barriers?

First, barriers can help deter criminals and vandals who might be looking to do harm or steal valuable items from your company. A high-quality fence or wall will make it more difficult for trespassers to access the premises without being detected. This, combined with the right security protocols, can provide an effective defence against intruders. Not only will it slow them down and make it harder for them to break in but it may also cause them to give up and look elsewhere.

Second, barriers can help protect employees and customers from hazardous materials or conditions within the building. For instance, if you operate a plant that works with chemicals or other dangerous substances, walls or fences can prevent these items from spilling outside the premises and potentially harming passersby.

Third, barriers can also prevent people from wandering into restricted areas or onto the property without proper authorization. With fences, employees can quickly and easily identify who is allowed on the premises and who isn’t.

Fourth, barriers can be used to separate hazardous areas from those that are safe for public access. This allows customers to feel secure while still allowing them access to the parts of your business they’re allowed to enter.

Finally, barriers can also protect valuable equipment and resources from theft or damage. With walls or fences in place, it’s more difficult for someone to break into an area and steal valuable items or vandalize property.

How Can I Source Barriers?

When it comes to sourcing barriers for your business, there are a variety of options available. You can purchase pre-fabricated fences and walls from home improvement stores or specialized contractors who deal in security systems and structures. Alternatively, you can hire a professional to design and build custom barriers that fit the needs of your company. We’d recommend Armco Direct as a great place to start your search for barriers. They’re a reputable company with years of industry experience that can provide you with high-quality, reliable barriers.

Are Barriers Expensive?

The cost of barriers will vary depending on the type, size and complexity of your requirements. Generally speaking, pre-fabricated fences and walls tend to be more affordable than custom-built structures. However, it’s important to note that the initial expense can quickly pay off in terms of improved safety and security for your business.

These are long-term investments and should be seen as such. Their potential to reduce liability and insurance costs, in the long run, should not be overlooked.

How To Install Barriers

It’s important to ensure that any barriers you install are done so correctly and securely. This means making sure that the structure is firmly embedded into the ground, using durable materials like concrete or steel posts. It also means taking into account local building codes and regulations when constructing your barrier. If it’s a wall, make sure it meets all necessary height requirements.

You can apply for a permit from your local government to install the barrier if necessary. This process can take some time, so make sure you do your research and plan ahead.

In conclusion, having barriers in place is an important part of securing your premises and protecting your employees and customers. By considering the five reasons outlined above, you can make sure that your business is properly protected from any unwanted visitors or hazardous conditions. With the right security measures and professional installation, you can ensure that your business remains safe and secure.

For more information on installing barriers for safety and security, contact Armco Direct today. Their experts will be more than happy to discuss the different options available and provide you with a tailored solution that meets all of your needs.  Secure your premises today!

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