Ryanair ‘standing room only’ plans

Ryanair is in talks with Boeing over how to redesign plane seating to have ‘standing’ stools.

People would be strapped in for takeoff and landing but could then wander around the plane during the flight.

It’s all about cutting costs and packing more people into a plane to boost profits.

Apparently extra traditional seating can’t be created as there’s no room, so now it’s a case of looking into ‘vertical seating’.

So, Ryanair strikes again – not content with plans for £1 toilet charges or making all passengers check in online, it now wants us to stand on flights!

It seems for chief executive Michael O’Leary it really is all about making profits. Whilst I can understand this to a level, is this latest proposal a step too far?

Mind you if you can save money on flight tickets, is it worth it?


  1. this is an absolute joke,standing up on a flight??i have never herd anything so stupid in all my life!what are we ANIMAls??this has really upset me that someone has actually thought of this,and as for paying to go to the toilet….i would rather wet myself!!!!!!

  2. I would fly CARGO if they would let me! Of course I’d stand – if only for an hour flight or so. Evenings we stand hours at a bar, so why not in the sky???
    GOOD IDEA! Nice to have OPTIONS, that is what inventive business is all about!

  3. For O’Leary of course it’s about making profits, if it was your company, wouldn’t you be?

    He re-invented the business model for flights which has worked to get them to the position they are in now, and to stay competitive he has to be innovative – so why not think of these ideas?! 🙂

    As he’ll say, you don’t have to stand, you can pay for a seat or go to another airline but the option is there and if it’s cheap enough you can guarantee people will do it, particularly on flights no longer than one hour.

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