Remove Salt From Chip Shops, Really?!

Stockport council is asking fish and chip shops, curry houses etc to place salt containers out of sight in a bid to help reduce salt in take. All well and good but I do wonder, is this a step too far?

I’m sure many of us do eat too much salt and in so doing are impacting our life, increasing the risk of such as cardiovascular diesease, high blood pressure and other health issues.

So I’m all for helping us to keep healthy, make sure we eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly. I’m all for good holidays too, or at least time off work, to help us relax and maintain our balanced lifestyle!

I do try and do my bit and although I know I shouldn’t eat as much chocolate as I do I figure that I have quite a healthy diet and exercise regularly, so my chocolate indulgence is, on balance, acceptable.

I also figure it’s my choice to take the chocolate bars from the display on the supermarket shelves and put them in my trolley.

Isn’t it my choice too to select whether or not to use the salt on display at the fish and chip shop – chips don’t taste the same with just vinegar, or maybe that’s disappearing too?

Just drawing myself back here to the subject of our personal finance website for a moment, I do passionately believe that as well as looking after ourselves we do also need to protect ourselves in case the unfortunate should happen – it could, however careful we try and be with our lifestyles.

Don’t put off dealing with life insurance and making a will etc. Believe me I know from personal experience just how important they are – I’m not just referencing them here to get an angle for the article!

Finally, in case you’re wondering, my chocolate consumption amounts on average to 5 squares from a Cabdbury’s bar each evening! What do you reckon, is that OK?

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