How to Remodel a Kitchen Without Breaking the Bank

Designing and remodeling your kitchen can be a fun and creative process. It can also become an expensive and emotionally draining project. It’s important to create a budget before remodeling your kitchen. You can get your dream kitchen while staying in budget. It sounds difficult but there are different tips and advice you can follow without spending thousands of dollars on materials and contractors. We’ve come up with a list of ways to remodel your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Create a Plan

What type of style are you considering? Are you looking for bright and bold colors or a more neutral palette? You’ll need to consider what design you are looking for once you’ve established a budget. Ordering materials or decor at the last minute can cost you more time and money. It’s important to brainstorm different ideas about style and design with a contractor or interior designer before moving forward with the project.


Countertops are usually one of the first items remodeled in a kitchen. Switching out new countertops can instantly revitalize the entire look of your kitchen. There are many different natural stones to choose from but those on a budget will want to stick to three different types; granite, marble, and quartz.


There’s a reason why granite is one of the most popular options for natural stone countertops. Granite is very durable and comes in nearly 3,000 different colors and designs. It’s very easy to find a unique piece of granite for your kitchen that matches your decor plan. There are several different ways to save money on granite countertops.

If you are buying large amounts of granite, consider using a wholesale provider. A local dealer will be your direct line to quarries and can help you find a good price. You could also use granite remnants if you have a smaller kitchen. Remnants are usually leftover after a bigger project. These pieces are usually too small to be reused for many remodeling projects. You can usually get a good deal if you are remodeling a smaller kitchen. It’s also important to shop around and find the best price.

A traditional kitchen design

Granite used to be a very expensive piece of natural stone. Prices have dropped for granite countertops over the past decade as supply increases across the world. Prices usually average between $40 to $60 per square foot. It’s easy to find an affordable option for granite countertops.


You’re probably thinking that marble is out of your price range. Depending on where the natural stone is sourced, marble can be one of the most expensive options for kitchen countertops. But despite the reputation, you can find a good deal on marble countertops. You just have to do a little research for the right price.

Some marble designs are more expensive than others. If you are looking to save on marble, consider shopping for a carrera design. It’s one of the most commonly sourced types of marble in the world. Another affordable option is bardiglio marble from Brazil. This type of marble features a grayer design and is readily available. Any rare designs will cost more per square footage. Marble comes in muted palettes like white, grey, black, and brown.

Pricing for marble usually ranges between $40 to $100 per square foot. It is possible to find an affordable slab of marble for your kitchen countertops. Like most projects, you’ll need to do research and work with local dealers to find the best deal.


Quartz is one of the most affordable options for stone countertops. Quartz is an engineered stone, made out of 93 percent quartz particles and 7 percent man-made materials. Solid quartz slabs are not mined in a quarry. Because of this, quartz is usually more affordable when compared to granite and marble. Granite comes in a wide variety of colors and designs. As the stone becomes more popular, it is possible to see even more selections in the future.

A modern kitchen interior

You can save on quartz by purchasing tiles instead of slabs. Pricing usually ranges between $50 to $60 per square foot. Depending on the square footage, you can also search for remnants from past projects. Be sure to shop around for a local dealer to get the best deals on quartz countertops. Unlike marble and granite, you won’t have to have the countertops sealed over time. It’s a low-maintenance option that will save you money over time.

Consider Buying Used

You can sometimes find used natural stone countertops. It might not sound like an ideal option but natural stones are usually built to last a lifetime. People replace natural stone countertops because they want a new design in their home, not because they are in terrible shape. There’s nothing wrong with the countertops themselves. Reach out to a local supplier to see if this is a possibility. You could save lots of money by considering this option.


You’ll want to explore different options for cabinets once you’ve selected your new countertops. Depending on your budget, you won’t be able to completely replace the cabinets. But there are several different ways that you can freshen them up without spending big bucks.

If you are on a tight budget, your best option would be to paint your cabinets. This might sound like a daunting task but you can get creative with this process. You can go for a contrasting look depending on what countertops you’ve selected. You can also grain-fill the wood depending on what type of cabinets you have. You can also choose a different finish depending on what overall look you are reaching for.

If you aren’t looking for an entire new design, you could simply re-stain the wooden cabinets. All you would need is a sander, new stain, and some patience. Another option would be to replace the cabinet doors rather than replace the entire kitchen itself.

Do you feel like your remodeling plans are coming together? These tips are just a few ways to save money on your dream kitchen. Make sure to consult a professional before making any big decisions about your remodeling plan.

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