Real Time Charting Review: – a warning

Over the next few weeks, we will be reviewing some real time share and index charting software systems to see how effective they are for investors and traders. Instead of reviewing today, we have to issue a major warning about them, I’m afraid.

On the face of it the AskChart website looks packed full of the charting systems and information that a trader or investor would find useful. We were tempted to review their charting products first and signed up for their “two week no risk trial”.

In good faith, I provided my credit card details in the form and then had access to their downloadable AskChart streamer and all the other information on their website. All seemed fine and we started to prepare information for our review article.

It was now time to terminate our “two week no risk trial” so I sent an email to their help desk email address to request cancellation of my subscription. No reply.

So I sent another email requesting termination of my subscription. Again no reply. I am still within the two weeks trial period so it is completely acceptable to cancel my subscription, but I have had no reponses from

Feeling concerned, I phoned their phone number listed on their contact page. The number doesn’t accept incoming calls.

So I then did a search to see if other people had problems with this company. Looks bad, real bad, judging by some of the comments listed in the search results.

I have contacted my credit card company who will contest any charge for my trial subscription, and any future charges, issued by

So as good as their products and web site look, please be very careful when dealing with this company. As our review series will show, there are many other companies out there that answer the phone and are completely genuine and have some excellent charting products .

You have been warned.

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