Quicken: is Personal Accountz money management software a good alternative?

Quicken money management software had a loyal following, however there is no longer a UK edition, so is Personal Accountz, now calledHome Accountz 2012, a good alternative?  We find out in this article.

money managementFor some reason, Intuit Software have decided to discontinue their support for UK customers in 2006.  This is leaving their customers in this country in a difficult position, particularly as older versions of Quicken do not work on the Microsoft Vista operating system.

You can read the frustration and problems experienced by UK Quicken customers in the comments section of our Quicken review article.  Justifiably, they are not happy, but which money management software should they now use?

Sadly Microsoft have also decided to stop supporting the UK with their excellent Microsoft Money software too so for UK consumers wanting to take control of their budgets, which is a sensible thing to do, there are now limited choices of personal accounts software available.

Personal Accountz, now called Home Accountz 2012, is a money management program that is owned by a UK company based in Cambridgeshire.  They have been developing their software since 1985 and luckily for UK consumers are very active in extending its capabilities and supporting their users with an active support forum.

The good news is that Accountz Software is fully Windows 7 and Mac Snow Leopard Compatible so it works on the latest PC’s as well as Apple Mac systems.  Linux users will also be pleased that Accountz runs on their systems too.

Accountz will also import Quicken QIF files so users of the Inuit software can move their personal accounts from their old system to Accountz safe in the knowledge that their financial records will be imported correctly and they can finally use the latest operating systems and PC’s.

Is Home Accountz 2012 any good, though?

We published our review about it in 2008 in which we concluded that  Accountz is certainly an effective money management and budgeting tool for UK consumers.  Here are some favourable comments from some of their customers:

“Before finding Personal Accountz, I had been disappointed that Microsoft Money was no longer available, as I had used this system for about 8 years. Personal Accountz works a bit differently, but is quite flexible, very logical, and the instructions are easy to follow – most unusual for computer software! For anyone who needs to keep control of their personal finances, Personal Accountz is worth buying.”

“At last a company who will cater to the needs of Linux users – a brave and wise step. I am more than happy to pay for a product that runs well and provides all the functions Windows users are privileged with.”

“At last, fantastic. Thanks for the best accounts package ever.”

Personal Accountz is not expensive – it costs £39 including VAT and can be downloaded from their web site. And until 31 January 2011 use our exclusive voucher code to get 20% off – just go to the Accountz website and enter code SHMRH20

All in all, Accountz seems to be a good alternative for UK Quicken users. It is well supported, effective at managing your accounts and perhaps most importantly still being enhanced and supported by a UK based company.

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