5 Questions To Ask Your Property Buyer Company

When you’re looking to relocate you could use some extra cash, property buying companies help you sell house fast. In return, you get instant cash money without any of the legal hassles, or putting up elaborate open-houses or negotiating with real-estate agents.

But sometimes, you might not be prepared to deal with such a quick house sale and lack the necessary understanding. In order to help you prepare yourself and protect your interests, here are 5 questions that you should ask your property buyer company before selling them your house.

#1. Who will be valuing your property and how will it be done?

Property buying companies can have in-house property valuation specialists or hire independent valuation specialists. Since, it is your property, you should know about the process of valuation and the person responsible for the same. This might help you understand the process and develop trust.

#2. What is the timeline for the sale and what are the different stages before the final sale takes place?

Usually, before the final signing and handover of possession takes place, there are a few steps in between. A quick sale firm usually will verify the paperwork and undertake a fresh valuation before making an offer. You can always ask for more information to keep yourself updated.

#3. Is there any chance of delays?

In order to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings, it is recommended that you ask for any chance of delays. Specifically when you’re looking to sell house fast, you might not be very amenable to delays. As a result, it is better to create a transparent expectation from the get-go.

#4. What are the various fees and charges you might have to pay if any? What if you do not go through with the sale? Do you still have to bear any charges?

All commercial services have a statement of charges which remain payable by the person contracting the service. In such a case, where you’re looking to sell house fast for cash, certain charges and fees might apply. It’s best to educate yourself about the expected payment for such fees, if the deal goes through.

Calculate the costs carefully

From the initial discussions to the final closing, there are various stages during which you and the property buying company might drift apart and decide not to go through. As such, there remains to be seen if you are left liable to pay any of the afore-mentioned fees.

#5. Is the offer price fixed or subject to change? If it is subject to change, then, under what circumstances?

The price offered by the company for your property plays the most critical role in helping you decide whether to sell or not. However, the price might be subject to change, keeping in mind market conditions, natural calamities, paper/ownership verification or any other circumstances. It is best to clarify the same with the company before agreeing to sell your house, so as to remain aware of the possibilities.

These questions aim to educate house-owners about the various situations that may arise and protect their interests. In addition, it also helps to create a clearer understanding of how property buying companies work, so as to manage expectations realistically.

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