How Print Marketing Must Evolve in a Digital World

As technology continues to develop, so must the traditional marketing methods we typically use to reach our customers. Many see this as a warning sign to give up on print media and turn their focus to digital marketing alone, but this isn’t always the best thing to do.

Incorporating digital elements into your typical methods is key to continued growth in the modern world, as is sticking to your expertise while evolving with the many digital tools we have. Here are just a few ways you can take advantage of modern technology without passing up on the many great opportunities print marketing offers too.

Whether you’re printing leaflets or magazines, it’s worth having a website to back it all up. If you sell advertising space, for example, why not offer a digital and print package? Sure, stock up on ink cartridges for leaflet printing but look into a good platform to host your business details online.

There are a plethora of benefits for doing so; by building a website for your media, you can reach more people, expand the services you offer and earn more money through this new avenue.

Social media icons on a smartphone

Ensure to put your website address on your print media so people know where to find you and design it in a way that matches your brand. When building your website, consider how you can incorporate your brand image into it. If your designs are very colourful and youthful, for example, you want to carry this through to the website. Consider the key colours you use and how you can integrate them into the website seamlessly. This will help make the move from solely print a much easier one for both your business and your current consumers.

As well as having a website, a social media presence is essential. As with the website, you should include this on your print media. There is an abundance of reasons why all businesses should have active social media accounts, including the fact that it builds brand awareness, encourages engagement and allows customers to contact you instantly. This is a great way to not only attract customers, but also ensure you can provide fast and efficient customer service.

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Digital newsletters are a great way to reach customers outside of the local area or the normal reach of your print marketing. If you send out leaflets to your local customers, you can reuse some of this content in your digital newsletter, thus making it a quick and easy way to reach more potential customers. You can create a template and simply pop your text into it, whereas a leaflet can take days to print, so you could even cut down the amount you print and swap largely to e-newsletters instead.

As well as making the most out of free content, a digital newsletter is an excellent method of advertising products as you can put a click through link to your website, making it more convenient for your customers. Ensure they can sign up for regular emails on your website and make it easy to find, either using a pop-up button or a clear tab on the menu.

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