The Positive and Negative Sides of Online Dating

Online dating is rising in popularity, with new sites and apps being launched on a regular basis, and some of the existing ones now capable of attracting a worldwide membership running into millions. If you’re a guy wanting to meet girls online, what could be simpler? You sign up to the dating platform of your choice, complete an application form where you specify the type of prospective partner you’re keen on meeting, then you gain access to a database of charming singles who are all eager to connect.

Nothing in life is ever 100% straightforward, however, and the world of dating websites is no different. Here are some of the positives of online dating; but some of the negatives are listed here, too.


Meeting potential partners online is so convenient

Once you have signed up to a dating site you can access your account whenever is most convenient to yourself. As you browse through the profiles of available contacts, you can use your own discretion before deciding who to get in touch with. If you find there is a lack of chemistry, then you can quickly move on until you meet someone you really connect with.

Completing an online survey

It’s easy to get matched with someone compatible

Dating sites are all about compatibility. There are so many possibilities, with sites being aimed at every niche from same-sex partnerships to older couples to people with specific hobbies. There is every chance you’ll find someone on your wavelength.

You can narrow down searches according to parameters

Remember how difficult it used to be meeting someone in the real world who ticked all of your boxes in terms of personality? You can narrow down prospective candidates for dates simply by specifying the type of partner you are seeking as soon as you join a site. The power is very much in your hands.

You can learn all about someone before dating

Although it can sometimes be difficult to gain a full picture of someone’s character from a few paragraphs of online description, the more you get to know a potential partner by exchanging messages, the fuller the picture that will emerge. In this way, you can ensure there is chemistry between you before even contemplating a face-to-face encounter.


You might not be communicating with the real person

There are unscrupulous people out there who can take advantage of the fact people are trusting when they enter online dating. You might well come across another site user who is being less economical with the truth or has presented a false profile photograph.

A girl using her phone abroad

You could fall for someone who lives miles away

The larger dating sites have memberships across the globe. It is quite feasible to find yourself forging a real connection with someone who lives in a different country. Obviously, this throws up all sorts of logistical issues when you eventually decide you would like to meet them in person.

The experience can become addictive

People who get really into online dating sometimes find it hard to switch off. Like many other activities which are based on computers or smart devices, there is always an urge to flick through the screens to the next profile while you’re checking out available singletons.

You can’t match the excitement of an actual connection

While it is possible to build a strong rapport with someone simply by communicating online, you will never be able to replicate the sheer excitement of meeting someone you are attracted to in the flesh. Dating sites are only really meant as an introductory tool. The ultimate aim is to arrange offline dates.

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