Five Popular and Lucrative Degrees to Consider If You Enjoy Business

The world of business is vast and expansive. There are so many different areas to specialise in and industries to explore that it often becomes difficult to choose one. More often than not, prospective business students simply fall into a specific sector or career.

However, there is much more value in learning about the different areas of business in depth and choosing the one you are most passionate about. When you work in a job that you love, you’ll never feel like you work another day in your life. But before you can secure your dream career, you need to nail your education.

Here are five popular and lucrative degrees to consider if you enjoy business.

Business Analytics

In essence, business analytics is all about investigating the performance of a company and solving issues through quantitative methods. Possible modules include machine learning, data structures, and database technologies.

So, what can you do with an analytics degree? After studying a degree in business analytics, you could become a business analyst, investment banker, or private wealth management.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is all about learning the tools and theory to manage issues like organisational behaviour, strategic management, procurement, and sourcing. You could find yourself studying decision-making, financial accounting, and project management.

After studying a degree in supply chain management, you could become an operations manager, logistics analyst, or a global commodities director.

Human Resources

Human resources is the ideal job for people that love business and love people too. Here, you will be expected to secure top talent, enrolling them into the business, and ensuring employees are content in their roles.

After studying a degree in human resources, you could become a recruiter, HR generalist, or a training and development manager.

Public Relations

Public relations is all about managing a company or person’s reputation, and the way the public perceives them. In order to excel in this sector, you should be an excellent communicator and avid strategist. Modules include event planning, organisational structure, and systems theory.

After studying a degree in public relations, you could become a social media supervisor, event planner, or a public relations manager.

An accountant working at his desk

Accounting and Finance

If you consider yourself to be a numbers person, you may enjoy getting a degree in accounting and finance. Modules typically include business operations, tax law, and managing financial documents. Plus, there’s plenty of money to be made in this sector.

After studying a degree in accounting and finance, you could become a financial advisor, auditory, or payroll clerk.

Before you set your sights on a specific degree, we recommend that you do your best to research the topic thoroughly. Start with a quick google search and see if you can find any university books on the subject.

Similarly, we recommend you look at the course outline of each college as these can vary significantly. Once you’ve found a course you love, make sure to pour your heart and soul onto your application!

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