Petrol hits £9 per gallon as fuel strike talks stall

A petrol station in Devon, UK, is charging £1.99 per litre, over £9 per gallon, as the tanker drivers strikes empties fuel stations in the county.

This news typifies the plight of motorists at the moment. If the news that oil hit a record price of $139.89 per barrel earlier today is not bad enough, then hearing that the tanker drivers strike is forcing petrol stations to make dramatic rises in petrol prices, is the last straw.

I can’t help wonder if this isn’t blatant profiteering by the owner of that petrol station. Market prices are, of course, determined by supply and demand, and he certainly has the supply as the demand for petrol in his area soars.

Presumably he wasn’t charged an extra 70p per litre by his petrol supplier.

That petrol station is offering a £24 discount if you arrange them to do an MOT on your car (if it needs one). Whilst that might be some compensation for locals, what about the tourists just passing through?

Talks to solve the tanker drivers dispute appear to have stalled with no agreement, so we can expect further problems with petrol supplies during this week. No doubt that petrol station in Devon will get re-stocked in the days between the tanker driver strikes, so that the owner can then charge his exorbitant prices again next weekend.

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