Personalization in Digital Experience Management Solutions

Online personalization cannot take place on its own. You need to have access to the right technology to provide perfect experiences to the right consumers, recommends content, pulling and analyzing customer data and automating those processes. Acquia Lift’s introduction is a ground-breaking step in digital experience as it is an ideal solution for coming up with contextual and personalized digital experiences.

Acquia effectively merges content as well as personalized experiences across both present and future channels and devices.

Your customers are not looking to create robust relationships with specific technologies. Instead, technology should be fortifying their relationships with each other. Similarly, your technology must necessarily let you build robust relationships with your customers, business partners, and team members. If it is not doing that, it is surely getting in the way.

Acquia is the foremost provider of seamless digital, cloud-based experience management solutions. Forward-thinking companies rely on Acquia for transforming the way they engage with consumers in a contextual and personal way across all channels and devices. Acquia is known for providing the agility that businesses require for embracing cutting-edge digital business models and speeding innovation, as well as, time to market.

Thousands of Acquia’s global customers including Cisco, BBC, Australian Government, and Stanford University can deliver seamless digital experiences with groundbreaking and truly transformational business impact.

High-level Lift Architecture

There are approximately ten components that make Acquia Lift work. Here are the first three that are essentially Drupal modules.

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The Personalize Module

The Personalize Module is the key Drupal module that is effective in giving organizations a personalization framework for building on. It efficiently handles things such as swapping out various pieces of a specific page with the help of JavaScript, providing multiple plugins for extending the system so that it does all types of neat things and for Visitor Context.

The Visitor Actions Module

To boost conversions, it is essential to consider tracking conversions. Thanks to Visitor Actions, you could consider building a flexible framework to track any action whether the server-side or the client-side and a User Interface for allowing non-technical individuals to come up with these in terms of campaigns. It is, however, a slick User Interface and it could be utilized outside of personalization for Marketing Automation, Analytics custom events, and Gamification.

The Acquia Lift Module

The Acquia Lift Module serves two important purposes. It incorporates certain good-to-have but not mandatory User Interface elements for personalization. Moreover, it helps in connecting to the Acquia Lift Service.

The Acquia Lift service

For more sophisticated logic, it is essential to have a service that would make certain decisions for you. That is precisely where Acquia Lift Service becomes essential. This is primarily an API-based web service that handles MVT testing, A/B testing, auto-personalization that is based on specific statistical models, and a host of additional Visitor Context like geo-targeting. The great news is that you could utilize the modules without even subscribing to the specific service.

Data analysis and research


It was announced recently that the Acquia team has merged with a Toronto-based organization known as TruCentric. They have brought many robust capabilities; however, the first piece seems to be behavior-based targeting. We understand that this implies that you could be learning about visitors’ interests when on the site. Moreover, you could be tying that across devices and sessions for delivering incredibly personalized experiences to all the visitors coming to the site.

Acquia Lift’s Onboarding Stages

Lift onboarding comprises four stages that includes all actions by Acquia and your team.

  • Installation and configuration: This includes installation and also, configuration of Lift and even Content Hub modules, start-alert, and crucial path testing.
  • Data collection: This includes effective but concise online tutorials via Acquia Academy that explain visitor segmentation, custom event creation, and taxonomy mapping. This would be followed by an effective training session.
  • Personalize: this should be including concise online tutorials provided by Acquia Academy telling you how to effectively create slots and ways to configure and successfully publish a personalization. The online tutorials are followed by a comprehensive training session.
  • Reporting and analytics: This includes compact but effective online tutorials provided by Acquia Academy. These tutorials explain ways to effectively run reports that are based chiefly on website KPIs and your personalization campaigns. This would again be followed by a comprehensive training session for covering the campaign reporting.

Robust New Capabilities

Acquia recently announced powerful and more efficient capabilities for Lift. It now includes a fully-simplified card-based and drag-and-drop UX with the capability of accessing, unifying, and personalizing content across digital platforms including Drupal. Focused primarily on ease and convenience of customer on-boarding and integration, Lift is Acquia’s SAAS solution that could be used to create contextual and personalized digital experiences and it has been essentially designed for consumers to take maximum advantage of personalization.

Online and affiliate marketing

Marketers can get started quickly by accumulating profile data and obtaining valuable insight into various buyer segments. The embedded syndication hub of Lift is known for unifying content from all these varied platforms completely revolutionizing what was once regarded as a duplicate and labor-intensive endeavor. Thanks to the capability of targeting customers and prospects in real-time, today marketers can consider adapting seamlessly to audience behavior resulting in conversions and boosts in the bottom-line.

Personalization is the cornerstone of mind-blowing customer experiences. However, with user profiles and content stored in several systems, it is quite difficult to deliver relevant experiences. So far, marketing tools have been having a tough time overcoming these silos. Lift can effectively solve all these challenges merging user profile data and content for personalizing the customer journey effectively in ways that were not possible previously.


Lift is known for elevating personalization for all organizations. Lift goes beyond experimentation and A/B testing for empowering digital teams so that they can efficiently deliver holistically-crafted experiences in real-time. Experts believe that Lift is truly a game-changing path-breaking solution that helps in redefining and simplifying the user model and at the same time, providing delivery globally.

Lift allows organizations to successfully deliver personalized experiences not only in Drupal but also, in other digital platforms. We understand that this sort of flexibility will enable organizations to effectively exploit their current technology investments and focus on building their markets.

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