Personal finance needs good service, I 100% agree

We here at MoneyHighStreet are passionate about ensuring our readers get top personal finance related products and services from trusted suppliers – from buying home insurance, getting debt advice to getting the best deal on a Nintendo Wii bundle.

So it’s with absolute delight that we have today been able to announce our partnership with W B Baxter Insurance Brokers, a top notch insurance broker, offering exactly the sort of top service and products across a range of insurance needs.

I know from first hand experience their client service is second to none. I have known Jill Fletcher, a Director there, for a number of years and know the lengths she and her team go to ensure clients get the personal insurance they need and get the support they need if they have to make a claim.

With this partnership in place now for our readers, it therefore brings a smile to my face to see an article on stating ‘Businesses losing customers from bad service’.

A study commissioned by lifestyle company WhiteConcierge found that 75% of customers switched at least one product or service in the last two years. Over 20% blamed this switch on bad customer service.

Personal finance really does need good service and unfortunately many businesses seem to have forgotten this in their drive for profit.

Of course it’s not just about service, it’s also about cost and so attractive for many to try and for example switch energy or perhaps car insurance provider to save money. And often with a little bit of effort this can be achieved.

That said, for something like insurance, it is vital that you understand the insurance cover you need – going for the cheapest may be great now but if you haven’t got all the cover you really need, it could prove to be very costly should you have to make a claim.

This could well be the case if your home insurance requirements for example are not very standard – perhaps you need high net worth home insurance as your house or contents are a higher value than the average, perhaps you have more than one home or a large or valuable collection of art or teddy bears, what about the family silver or those cases of wine?

An ‘off the peg’ home insurance policy may not be the best solution for your needs. Rather you may be better off getting advice and help from a professional insurance broker.

As painful as it is, personal finance decisions need to be given time and energy. We all want a good deal but we need to make informed purchase decisions and buy from trusted suppliers …..that’s why we’re here at MoneyHighStreet.

If you want to discuss your high net worth home insurance and see for yourself just how good the Baxters service is, call our dedicated number at Baxters now – 020 8518 9151 or contact them here

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