Payment Systems and Methods in Norway

Gambling dens have become very famous among today’s generation. Online gambling has grown in popularity and is beginning to outperform traditional games in income and popularity. The reason that online gaming is gaining popularity is that the response is usually quick, and you can play the game whenever and wherever you want. Because of the high demand, many casinos have chosen to open online gaming platforms.

Gambling has been practised in Norway for a while but is still limited and illegal. The only legal areas were gambling in Norway is Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto. In Norway, you will be allowed to gamble with real money, and it’s used for humanitarian and socially valuable grounds. When gambling in Norway, various methods are used to pay for transactions, and we will outline them below. All you have to do is choose the best option for you.

Some of the various payment methods used in Norway include;

1. Mobile payment

With the growth of technology, mobile payment is starting to become famous, and the most popular mode of payment is vipps. Vipps is a mobile app that most people use to pay for commodities in shops, and they can also be used when we sell commodities. Other than this, it’s usually used by Norwegian gamblers as well. More online gambling dens are starting to use mobile payment since it’s easier and faster.  Vipps works the same way as debit cards since they use the money in their banking accounts.

2. Bank transfer

When it comes to a bank transfer, Trustly is the most used method as it gives its users a chance to transfer money straight from their bank accounts without using their cards. If you live in the UK and are transferring money to Norway, you will have to pay for the national bank fees.

3. Cards

Bank cards are the most common mode of payment used by Norwegian players. Since bank cards are the most common mode of payment in Norwegian, they have their debit card scheme known as BankAxept. Cards that are typically used by bankrupts are co-branded with Visa and MasterCard so that they can also be used internationally.

4. Going cashless

Going cashless is not as common as the other modes of payment listed above since many people normally walk around with cash. Since this method isn’t famous, you have to be very cautious when using this method. In case you want to use this method, make sure you look for a website that has the send and receive offices in the targeted locations. You also need to know that payment takes a long time, and you may not be able to transfer money in a different currency.


There are so many modes of payment in Norway, and this link helps you identify the various payment methods that are being used and can choose the one you find simple. You could also learn about other modes of payment that you could use as well.

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