Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband Price Comparison

The pay as you go (PAYG) mobile broadband market has grown recently, but it’s confusing deciphering the deals and offers available. Which product offers the best value? Read this article to find out.

3g mobile broadband modemWith networks competing to sell you PAYG, also called Top Up, mobile broadband access, it is difficult to easily compare prices and bandwidth options, which is why we have decided to publish this comparison table.

You can also read our O2 Pay and Go Mobile Broadband review and our Vodafone PAYG mobile broadband review to see what we think about these services. We have tested both recently and have published our views and comments about them in those articles.

The following table compares pay as you go tariffs for the dongle based mobile broadband services from Three, Vodafone and O2.

Updated 13 February 2011 to update latest prices

Product Modem Set Up* Top Up Top Up Top Up
Vodafone PAYG £19 N/A N/A £15 for 2Gb
(30 days)
Information about Vodafone Mobile Broadband
O2 Pay and Go £20.42 £35.73 £2.04 for 200Mb
£15.3 for 2Gb
Information about O2 Mobile Broadband
Three PAYG N/A £30.99 ** £2 for 500 Mb
£15 for 3Gb
(30 days)
£25 for 7Gb
(30 days)
Information about Three Mobile Broadband
T Mobile 19.99 £39.99*** £2
(Day) ****
Information about T Mobile Pay up front Mobile Broadband


* This is the startup price which includes the modem preloaded with 2Gb or 3Gb of bandwidth.

** Three sell a dongle preloaded with 1Gb for £20.99 (which is valid for 30 days). Three also supply a dongle preloaded with 12Gb for £81.99 which lasts a year. The 3Gb preloaded bandwidth is valid for 90 days.

*** T Mobile allow “unlimited browsing” with 2Gb per month “downloads” per month. This is valid for 90 days. A minimum £10 top up fee that is valid for 6 months, according to the daily/weekly/monthly usage is then applicable. Watching YouTube videos and BBC iPlayer programmes, for example, count as downloads. Reading web pages and emails counts as “browsing”. These prices are also applicable for use in Europe, we’ve been advised by T Mobile sales.

**** 1GB per month download allowance, unlimited browsing (see point *** above)

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